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1000 years of music in Wrocław – ElletroVoce

16 May 2016 at 8:00 
Narodowe Forum Muzyki, Black Hall, plac Wolności 1, 50-071 Wrocław

The project's name references a series of 116 historical concerts organised in Aula Leopoldina between 1881 and 1909.

Thanks to the "1000 years of music in Wrocław" series the audience will have an opportunity to listen to the early music from Wrocław, which to date remains present in the city's culture.

The ElettroVoce duet was born from cooperation between two composers: Agata Zubel and Cezary Duchnowski. Both are characterised by their exceptional approach to music – fascination with timbre, expansion of performance resources, and eternal search. For Zubel, who is also an active avant-garde vocalist, there was a desire to discover new means of vocal expression.
For Duchnowski, it was a search for new contexts for traditional instruments. This found particular expression in the utilization of the human voice – and therefore many of his songs use this instrument. Agata Zubel's artistic temperament along with her great vocal abilities creates outstanding effects. On the other hand, Duchnowski has the ambition to create new musical qualities with modern means of expression, and he is looking for them at the level of basic components of a song, which is connected with the need to interfere deeper with the sound matter. Hence the use of the computer, an instrument whose open potential to a large degree helps discover a new aspect of the elementary properties of music which is not burdened with any extra-musical content.

Apart from composing a specific spacetime, the instruments themselves can be 'composed' here. Such a situation allows for an encounter with the essence of music. It makes it possible to shape its point of departure which is at the same time its condicio sine qua non – the sound which is in itself of an individual character. It is the sound that constitutes the indivisible substance of which the musical being consists. This prompted the artist to create a series of musical pieces, named "Monads" after Leibnitz's monad. The juxtaposition of those instruments – voice, which accompanies music since its conception and the computer with state-of-the-art equipment brings the audiences into another dimension.


Agata Zubel – vocalist
Cezary Duchnowski – piano, computer


ElettroVoce Contemporary improvisations
A. Zubel Short Stories for voice and prepared piano
C. Duchnowski Dishevelled Grass for voice and computer
A. Zubel Parlando for voice and computer
C. Duchnowski Monad 3 for voice, piano and computer
ElettroVoce Stories from Nowhere
ElettroVoce Szymanki Kurpianowskie

Duration: [75 minutes]

The concert is a part of the 1000 Years of Music in Wrocław
cycle, find out more: HERE


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