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1000 Years of Music in Wrocław – Lost in Time

16 April 2016 at 6:00 PM
National Forum of Music / Narodowe Forum Muzyki, KGHM Main Hall / Sala Główna KGHM

The music played in the 17th century Wrocław perfectly reflected the cosmopolitan nature of the "meeting place" back in the day. The programme of the next 1000 Years of Music in Wrocław concert, organised as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations will be full of references to the confluence of cultures in the capital of Lower Silesia.

The prominent expert on the Baroque in music, Prof. Marcin Szelest, juxtaposed the pieces composed by Polish, German and Italian artists, who lived and worked in the culturally and ethnically diverse Wrocław.
We can look at those compositions as an example of a specific kind of musical ecumenism – even though they were written for Catholic and Protestant communities, the uniformity of style and genres and shared performances made the creation of music the work of art beyond all religious divisions.
Another meeting with early music at the National Forum of Music / Narodowe Forum Muzyki is a unique event, during which after 400 years we can finally hear premiere performances of many pieces unknown to the contemporary audiences, lost to the world hundreds of years ago and now rediscovered. Apart from the musicians of the Wrocław Baroque Orchestra we will also hear world-famous ensembles, specialising in performing early Baroque pieces: Gli Agneli Genève and Concerto Palatino. The ensemble will be led by Stephan MacLeod, a Swiss conductor and one of the most popular vocalist of the international early music scene.


Stephan MacLeod – conductor
Gli Angeli Genève
Concerto Palatino
Wrocław Baroque Ensemble
Marcin Szelest – idea, musicological consulting


A panorama of music sounding in the 17th century in the main churches in the city: pieces composed by Italian, German and Polish composers from Wrocław and other cities between 1608‑1676.

The concert is a part of the 1000 Years of Music in Wrocław series.
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