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7th edition of TAURON Musica Electronica Nova has begun!

19–22.05.2016, Wrocław
National Forum of Music

This year’s unique edition of the TAURON Musica Electronica Nova [MEN] titled “Growing” inscribes itself into the general motto of the European Capital of Culture - Wrocław 2016: Spaces for Beauty. For the first time, the festival will sound and grow in the new halls of the NFM.

The 4-day long special edition of the festival combines electronica with the sound of symphonic orchestra, a chamber ensemble and city space.

Thanks to the innovative approach of the composers, the electronic medium will sprout in NFM concert halls, as well as on the Wolności Square. The Sound Cinema will present musical cityscapes, an undeniably precise L'Ensemble InterContemporain from Paris and the NFM Symphonic Orchestra will perform on the stage.

The programme of the festival was built around the idea of creation and conception, which will be presented expressly by installation created by Jean-Luc Hervé, transforming a part of the concrete space around the NFM into greenery, growing with the music. The installation is connected with the concert by the most famous ensemble specialising in performing contemporary music, the Ensemble InterContemporain from Paris, established in 1972 by Pierre Boulez. The concert, planned for 21 May will be a special event - in their second concert in Poland, the exceptional ensemble will play a première performance of a piece, written for them by the famous composer from Wrocław, Agata Zubel. Apart from the piece, the audience will enjoy the compositions by the great Edgar Varèse and the renowned Yan Maresz.

On Friday, 20 May we will hear the fantastic NFM Wrocław Philharmonic led by Michał Klauza. The artists will present a repertoire that will combine electronica with the sound of a large symphonic orchestra. The idea of the project is to show and present the interaction of the two elements - from the electronica played from a medium, accompanying the orchestra (Höller) through real-time sound processing (Mitterer), to using a sampler with various samples taken directly from everyday life, masterfully and wittily interspersed with the orchestral sound in the piece by Simon Steen Andersen. During the concert we will hear pieces by composers of all generation and from four geographic areas of Europe, including Krakow. The city will be represented by two young creators Piotr Roemer and Szymon Stanisław Strzelec, who created a piece together for the festival.

MEN 2016 will also offer an ample selection as a part of the Sound Cinema project, which accompanied the festival during many editions to date. Many composers from all parts of Europe were invited to create musical cityscapes of their city. Because of that we are going to see and hear the musical cityscapes of Warsaw, Krakow San Sebastian, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Oslo, Tallinn and Vilnius - of course, we are also going to present a musical landscape of Wrocław. The sessions both for children and for adults will open a gate to new understanding of the sounds and music from various parts of Europe - large agglomerations and more mysterious and unknown areas alike. That way we carry out one of the main assumptions of the Musica Electronica Nova Festival - to make the unknown more accessible and to make the interest in contemporary music grow. The Sound Cinema sessions are planned for 19-22 May 2016.

The 2016 edition of MEN gives everyone an opportunity to try their hand at creating during the concert on Sunday, 22 May, which will be an interactive sound game, led by Estonian artist, Tarmo Johannes. 
It is time to sharpen your senses. Come and join us.
Elżbieta Sikora, artistic director

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Tauron MEN 2016


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