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A golden autumn in the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016

The European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 announces the official beginning of golden autumn in culture and invites everyone to take part in dozens of film, literature, architecture, visual arts and theatre events organised in the city. The summer attractions of the ECoC programme engaged over a million of residents and tourists. Right now we are waiting for the inauguration of cultural autumn with Lech Janerka’s concert on Cathedral Island, Japanese edition of Avant Art Festival, International Short Story Festival and Bruno Schulz. Festival, a cinematic connection between Europe and America during American Film Festival, Lower Silesian celebration of architecture and its image in Lviv, Play With Glass - the largest event devoted to glass art, as well as the Theatre Olympics, taking place in Wrocław this year. 

Use your wits! Cultural challenges in Wrocław

After the extra edition of the European Literature Night in June, the time has come for new great literary events. The International Short Story Festival will kick off on October 6. This year’s theme will be “Stories from the Future”.  During the event, we will learn the names of laureates of two competitions for the best short story and translation, watch film adaptations inspired by this year’s theme and participate in discussion panels and activities for children. The audience will also have an opportunity to read Supervisions - a festival magazine edited by Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkało. In October we will also get to know the winners of the Angelus Central European Literary Award (October 15). During the official gala at Capitol Musical Theatre, the winners - author of the best prose, best translator and writer chosen in popular vote - will receive special statuettes. The gala will accompany Bruno Schulz. Festival (October 10-16), during which we are going to meet the laureate of last year’s Angelus Award - Serhij Żadan (Mesopotamia), as well as Martin Pollack, Zbigniew Mentzel and Marcin Świetlicki. The event will be filled with discussions, concerts and special screenings.

Don’t just sit at home. Go outside!

The beginning of golden autumn in music will be marked by unique concert of Lech Janerka (October 1). The legend of rock from Wrocław will present his lyrical side on Cathedral Island, near St Martin’s Church. Admission to the event is free. Just a few days later (October 3) the 9th edition of Avant Art Festival - probably the most extensive presentation of Japanese art and music in Poland - will start.  The programme comprises concerts of phenomenal artists from Japan, including Ikue Mori, Phew, Keiji Haino, as well as performances and film screenings at the New Horizons Art House Cinema. The festival goers will also see Zamilska, 2g, Kristen and Paweł Romańczuk. After some avant-garde, it will be time for guitar music. With Guitar Masters 2016, an international festival and competition, taking place in October and November (October 21 - November 16), Wrocław will turn into a battle arena for the best guitarists from around the world. The open auditions will be a part of the event’s programme. Apart from them, we are going to witness performances of artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Vicente Amigo, Anoushka Shankar, Marco Tamayo, Renaud Garcia-Fons, Falk Zenker and many others.

Feeling down? Go to Wro! 

Film autumn in ECoC Wrocław 2016 just around the corner. The New Horizons Association will take us on an emotional journey through American cinematography during the American Film Festival (October 25-30). Due to the European Capital of Culture title, this year’s edition will focus on mutual fascinations and links between European and American cinema. The “Europeans in America” section will present films by creators from the Old Continent made in the USA, including works by Herzog, Dumont and Wenders. The latter inspired an entire project - Wim Wenders - a retrospective, thanks to which we will have an opportunity to see all of his creations (September 22 - December 11). Of course, we will also look on the other side by presenting the creations of Orson Welles, an American working in Europe.

Don’t delay! Come to Wro!

Despite the large number of festivals taking place in Wrocław this autumn, we cannot miss the Lower Silesian Festival of Architecture - DoFA ‘16 (October 7-14). This unique event focuses on promoting high quality of public space, as well as the architectonic heritage of the region. During the festival, the Honorary Award of SARP Wrocław will be given, and the laureate will present their exhibition, accompanied by a retrospective publication. Moreover, we are going to see exhibitions of competition entries, topical exhibitions, lectures and public debates with experts, as well as seminars and visits to interesting objects in the selected cities in Lower Silesia. Additionally, the organisers prepared film screenings, concerts, workshops for children and youth, as well as performances in public space and others. Lviv, 24 June 1937. City, architecture, modernism will be yet another autumn event devoted to architecture. From September 29 to November 20, the Museum of Architecture will present the outstanding works of Modernist architecture, which appeared in Lviv in the interwar period. The architects from Lviv created many unique and exceptional designs in all areas of the new architecture - private villas and townhouses, public buildings, the offices of Lviv radio station and sport areas. We will see all of it on planviews, postcards and photographs in the context of cultural life of the city and its residents.

Gotta go? Go to Wro!
Visual Arts

When it comes to visual arts, the European Capital of Culture never ceases to amaze. We are counting the days until the beginning of the largest event devoted to glass art - Play with Glass (October 15 - November 10).  This year’s main exhibition (“Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde”) will be accompanied by additional exhibitions held in ten galleries in Wrocław, including the Festival Debut at Arttrakt Gallery - a presentation of works by Czech designer, Sebastián Kitzberger, nominated in 2015 for the Czech Grand Design Award as the Discovery of the Year. We will also see “Where is my Paradise?”, an individual exhibition by Shige Fujishiro, an outstanding Japanese artist living in Germany. The exhibition will be held at SiC! BWA Wrocław gallery.  The exhibitions will be complemented by seminars, meetings and educational projects. Autumn will also be marked by the return of the Museum of Dreams project. The unique event, which enjoyed great popularity in January returns to the halls of the National Museum in Wrocław. Yet again, masterpieces of art will be given a theatrical commentary, provided by great artists, who prepared their performances together with Jacqueline Kornmüller.

With ECoC, the summer never ends
The first weeks of autumn in the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 will offer a wide range of cultural events... available without prescription. In summer, over a million residents and tourist took advantage of our cultural offer. The summer might be gone, but with ECoC the summer lives on! In the upcoming weeks we will also see the Theatre Olympics (October 14 - November 13), a seminar summing up the Coalition of the Cities for Culture project (November 9-10), Photography Never Dies exhibition at the Main Railway Station (November 17 - January 5), the largest indoor reggae festival - One Love Sound Fest (November 19), European Film Awards Ceremony (December 10) and the finale of the European Capital of Culture 2016 celebrations - Heaven, a performance at the Centennial Hall (December 17), as part of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 closing weekend


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