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AIR WRO: exhibition „City as a shared space”

The idea behind this collective initiative undertaken in an abandoned furniture restoration studio at Ruska 46 is sharing of a space. Four artists from three European cities – Karla Tobar from Bilbao, Nagore Legarreta from San Sebastian, Ewa Głowacka and Gabriela Kowalska from Wrocław – present their works created during their residencies in different parts of Europe.

to share : dzielić się : partekatu

The artists were working separately, but their paths crossed here, at Ruska 46. The tampered “tissue” of the studio, which was covered with manifestos and works related to their artistic projects, has changed its character, binding it with the cities the artists were exploring. The main challenge faced by the exhibition organizers was how to achieve the synergy between four different types of activities. Thus the works are accompanied by the data collected during residencies. The results of the artistic collaboration include also a space-experiment in which actions and tools blend in, creating a polyphonic but coherent narrative about the city seen as a shared space. An extremely important aspect of the exhibition is also the spatial arrangement, which was commonly deliberated on step by step.

On the one hand, the exhibition refers thus to the cooperation between the European Capitals of Culture. On the other, it makes us think about the urban context of artistic activities, the responsibility that the cultural operators bear for the city and its resources, and the relationships between cultural institutions and independent artists.

Hiria, elkargune!

Residencies of Ewa Głowacka, Gabriela Kowalska, Karla Tobar and Nagore Legarreta were organised as part of the Artist In Residence Programme AIR Wro.

The exhibition “City as a shared space” is realised by the Wroclaw 2016 Office in cooperation with the Etxepare Basque Institute in the framework of the “City and Culture” conference.

“City and Culture” is a three-day conference for cultural practitioners and theoreticians, prepared jointly by the Wroclaw 2016 Office, the University of Wrocław and the Municipal Office of Wrocław, as a result of the evaluation process of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. “City and Culture” programme consists of an academic part that will be streamed online, as well as open workshops, debates and meetings with cultural creators.

The exhibition will be open from 21 to 24 September 2017. The entry is free.
On 21 September, the exhibition will be open from 20:00 till 24:00.
On 22-24 September, the exhibition will be open from 14:00 till 20:00.

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