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Aitor Gametxo: I had a great time in Wroclaw

I had a great time in Wroclaw, specially with the people I got to know because of the development of the project "Cicha symfonia". The deaf people I encountered during the process were extremely kind. I could do my job with so much pleasure and joy. I remember going ton the PZG asociation the first day with a lot of passion and strength, and tried to "talk" with the deaf people there.

It was quite amazing realizing that I could understand quite better a deaf sign-language-user (because of the universality of some signs and facial and body-language) rather than a polish-speaking-person. I also remember all my travels by bike to the school of special education north-west of the city, where I got to know the students.

Also the coordination crew from AIRWRO were amazingly open and helpful during the process. It was a great oportunity for me being for the first time outside my country working in a project I wrote on a paper a cold rainy sunday afternoon in Barcelona.

Trailer CICHA SYMFONIA - Silent Symphony (EN) from Aitor Gametxo on Vimeo.

Doing this project make me reflect on our condition as hearing people, and how we understand our film-language, made exclusively for and by hearing people (think about techniques such as the use of the voice-over or how we film dialogues using two diferent shots). I wanted to try to xperiment with a total filmic language, were all the visual elements gained importance leting downt the sound. Mirros, shadows, distances between people... were central element in my work, in a city as Wroclaw, that as every other city in the world, is full of small moments of a great visual richness. I hope this kind of exchanges continue in teh city, with a lot of different people from around the world, working on their projects letting the local entities and element enrich each of those projects.

A-i-R Wro is a long-running and interdisciplinary artist-in-residence programme run as part of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. Relying on cooperation with local and foreign partners, it aims to create an international platform which would enable artists, curators, cultural managers, organisations, and institutions to exchange experiences, practices, ideas, and knowledge. Furthermore, the A-i-R Wro programme intends to promote artists, support their development and mobility, and facilitate in the creating of cultural ties outside one’s country. A-i-R Wro seeks artists representing various genres, multidisciplinary artists, or those whose art borders on different artistic forms. It seeks artists both young and experienced, and is interested in cooperating with representatives of the artistic environment of Wrocław. A-i-R Wro is open to discovering the capital of Lower Silesia together with its inhabitants, and thus aims to find a creative connection between Wrocław and the participants’ hometowns.


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