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Bar Barbara, a classic place on the map of Wroclaw, reopens after 20 years. A newly designed space, retaining some of its former atmosphere, but acquiring a new function and a shorter name – it will become the information centre of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016.

Co-create the new showpiece of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 with us! Share your ideas for Barbara. Write to the address: and, in a few sentences, tell us how you imagine our cooperation – what you need and what you can give.   

We respond to every email, providing details of the next steps of our cooperation. See you in Barbara!

Barbara: infopoint, café, culture is an unique place on the cultural map of Wroclaw and the centre of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. The fundament to create the space was a former „Bar Barbara”- cult place at the Świdnicka Passage, the snack bar, in front of which many happenings, including Orange Alternative’s were taking place. After many years, Barbara returns as a centre of information about cultural events in Wroclaw, a meeting place, cooworking space for thoughts and ideas exchange and a café. It is a space for creative activities, such as exhibitions, concerts, screenings and meetings with artists.


All the informations about cultural events can be sought in infopoint, where specially trained team encouraging (both in Polish and English) to participate in the various events, help in handling with specially designed multimedia screens and distributing handouts, booklets and maps.


Café Barbara specializes in Polish cuisine created with local products. Every day is offering a variety of dishes, which refers to the traditional Polish cuisine created with seasonal ingredients. Space of café Barbara was originally revitalized, modern designed and the furnitures come from Polish manufacturers and designers.


Barbara: infopoint, cafe culture is a perfect meeting place for both cultural and tourist trips. Whereas, the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 was created by everyone – Wroclaw inhabitants, residents of Lower Silesia and the Europeans, whose year by year are visiting our city numerously, we invite you to include Barbara, a flagship of the European Capital of Culture 2016, as a „must visit” point on the tourist and cultural map of Wroclaw.


Share your ideas for Barbara. Write to the address:

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