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Before/After. Architecture in Wrocław XX.XXI

Before/After. Architecture in Wrocław XX.XXI

Project inauguration: 1 June 2016

Venue: Barbara – ECC Wrocław 2016 Information Centre, address: Świdnicka 8c, Wrocław

Admission:  free

Innovative platform for exploring the most interesting architectural masterpieces erected in Wrocław since the year 1900. It combines a guidebook and a web-based application (responsive website) to support informed architectural tourism.

The last one hundred years of architecture in Wrocław has been a period of visionary concepts, ambitious plans and untypical projects. It has followed the common denominator of German and Polish architecture, based on modernist standards and frequently opposing the common rules being imposed. It has also been the time of creation, destruction and grand rebuilding, namely a century combining innovation with conformism, avant-garde vision with architectural conservatism.
100 most interesting built features erected in Wrocław since 1900 will illustrate the past century of architectural transformations. Among them, one will find masterpieces referred to in architecture textbooks, but also less known structures, from both pre- and post-war times, providing testimony of the extraordinary specificity of the Wrocław architecture: works by Lauterbach, Konwiarz, the Barskis, Grabowska-Hawrylak, the Tarnawskis, Mueller and many others.
The hard-copy guidebook will comprise individual structures, illustrated with both contemporary and historical materials, presented in a topographic layout and complemented with suggested thematic sightseeing routes. The mobile application (responsive website), dedicated to tablets and smartphones, will make it possible to directly locate individual facilities and remain oriented at them, make use of multiple sightseeing excursion alternatives proposed as well as participate in thematic field games and events.

Text by: “Transformator” Foundation for Art Promotion

Curators: Agata Gabiś, Karolina Jara, Michał Duda

Organiser: “Transformator” Foundation for Art Promotion

Co-organiser: Impart 2016 Festival Office

Strategic partner: KGHM Polska Miedź


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