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Bibliopolis. City as a Library

The aim of the programme is to introduce books in the city space and transform the city into one huge library, where words are everywhere every day, and reading is fashionable. It will encompass a variety of small and large-scale activities, organized by cultural institutions and non-governmental organizations. We also want to involve the citizens, for example in the project implemented as part of the literary magazine
“Cegła”. For the whole 2016, drivers will stick to their cars fragments of poetry printed on magnetic stickers. Vehicles will become a
dispersed anthology, they will pass each other on the streets creating a huge moving poem, words will search for one another, raising interest and focusing the attention of citizens on literature. The programme will allow us to transform the city: people will read together at homes and in public space, see poetry engraved everywhere, organize family literary picnics, air home libraries, pick paper fruits with poems, exchange books, print poetry on cash machine receipts and do many other things together, but diversely, surrounding themselves with beauty.




The program will run in the period between  January 1, 2016 and April 22, 2017.



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