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Book Saved Our Childhoods

Till 1989, the world of European literature for children and young adults was tightly divided in accordance with political influences. The literature of East and West was developing separately. We want to rediscover the heritage of children and young adult literature written during communism, we want to reclaim those forgotten characters, their times, their creators and the social situation of those times, analyse them critically in cooperation with cultural institutions from the former Eastern bloc countries and present this heritage in the form of a compendium. This will be done by creating an international web portal, administered by the most important organizations and environments in particular countries, in English and in national languages. It is one of many attempts to face the history of Central and Eastern Europe through the lens of literary works. This initiative will also allow readers from other areas of the Old Continent to better understand the times during which the current creators of the culture of the new world were raised.

The project will last for the entire year 2016. 



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