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"City and Culture" - revived installation „Trafostation"

"Trafostation" is an attempt to re-naturalize the ecosystem at Niskie Łąki in Wrocław, Poland. A defunct transformer station building from 1930 became a scaffold for a living sculpture initiated by running a biological "machine" of vegetation. The modernist architecture was covered by various species of plant and water flows from three windows, recalling the 1997 flood that devastated Wrocław. 

Direct human intervention for this small habitat involved planting ferns, ivy, geraniums, mosses, euonymus and seeding ruderal plants. "Trafostation" is created for a future when non-human organisms will take possession of the building completely and turn it into a new habitat. Water and plants are understood as agents and the driving force of the project, hence the form and future of the project are up to them. The vegetation cycle will be a spectacle of non-human forces playing out on a stage created by architecture. And, although the performance is intended for humans, the actors of "Trafostation" are the organisms resident in the ecosystem. It is, therefore, a gesture of offering the human phenomena of architecture to other species.

"Trafostation" as a public project, is an independent entity. In every way, it has a life of its own. While not site-specific (as it can be initiated in almost any location), it can be fully experienced only in situ, where it works. The humans, including the artist, are merely spectators of this biological machine. Set in motion in 2016, it will most likely mature, in terms of plant growth and degree of erosion of the building, in about 50 years. It is intended, literally, as a futuristic project, open ended and never finished

In the meantime, the many strands of the "Trafostation" narrative can be told and experienced using a multi-channel video and media installation presented during ”City and Culture” conference between the 20th and 22nd of Septemeber in the Reception space (located in the Neon Backyard, at Ruska Street 46). The installation will be available for viewers every day from 8 PM until midnight.

Opening of "Trafostation" - 20.09.2017, 8:30 PM.

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"Trafostation" was realised by the Wroclaw 2016 Office within the framework of "Wrocław - Backyard Door" programme, whicis continued as the new programme called Sąsiadujemy.

"City and Culture" is a three-day conference for cultural practitioners and theoreticians, prepared jointly by the Wroclaw 2016 Office, the Uniwersytet Wrocławski and the Municipal Office of Wrocław, as a result of the evaluation process of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. "City and Culture" programme consists of an academic part that will be streamed online, as well as open workshops, debates and meetings with cultural creators.


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