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City and Culture: We are announcing the first workshops!

As early as 20-22 September 2017, the space of Barbara and Ruska 46 Yard will turn into meeting places for professionals connected with the cultural sector. The "City and Culture" conference, organized jointly by Wrocław 2016 Office, Unit of Urban and Rural Sociology and Unit of Sociology of Culture and Civilization at Institute of Sociology in University of Wroclaw and Municipality of Wroclaw will be an opportunity to present the results of months of research of the ECOC in Wrocław, to discuss the influence of culture on the development of cities in Poland, and above all to work during the workshops we have prepared for our participants.​

Urban Toolbox is a workshop programme created for theorists and practitioners in the fields of culture, education and the arts. Our goal is, among others, to present to them the latest tools for work with the audience of their projects, to see the city as a mechanism for creation of culture (and culture as a factor in the proces of creating of a city), mapping our resources and preparing participants to create or change the space around which they operate. Everything gathered around the main theme of the conference - urban culture research.




The first workshop we are presenting is ‘Researching the relationship between the cultural initiatives operators and their audiences’ by Magda Ochał and Michał Kocikowski from Kolektyw Badawczy ( This one will be dedicated to the various methods and research tools used to investigate one-off as well as long-term cultural activities.

Thursday, 21.09.2017, 15:00 – 17:30, Barbara, Świdnicka Street 8b, Wrocław

For everyone who’s interested in creating cultural offer for the inhabitants.

Why some places function well and attract crowds of people, whereas other places seem completely abandoned? Is it possible to study and evaluate places? How to arrange playgrounds, parks and squares to attract people and turn it into a welcoming meeting place? How is it done in the cities worldwide and how does placemaking render to practice? These and other important questions will be answered jointly with Marta Trakul-Masłowska and Magda Kubecka from Jak Działa Miasto? (

Friday, 22.09.2017, 15:00 – 18:30, Ruska 46a, Wrocław

For everyone who’s interested in methodology of designing and creating a cultural programme in a specific space or location in the city.

Workshops lead by Aleksandra Janus from Centrum Cyfrowe ( will be an introduction for the participants to the methods, tools and practical benefits of audience research. It will focus on how to gather and interpret data that an institution might already have, how to analyze them effectively, how to ask further questions and choose the right tool to receive valuable answer and how to manage a cooperation with an external research team or agency and evaluate their work.

Friday, 22.09.2017, 15:00 – 17:30, Barbara, Świdnicka Street 8b, Wrocław

For everyone who’s interested in creating cultural offer for the inhabitants.

More info:

We’ll open the registration proces with the beginning of September, after announcing the full programme of the conference. Links to the online forms will be available on the website in the "Registration for workshops" tab.

You have questions about the full programme? You are curious how you can get prepared for the upcoming workshops? Contact us –  



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