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Closing Weekend: Culinary treats of the ECoC 2016!

Apart from all the official events of the Closing Weekend, it is also worth paying a visit to the various cafés and restaurants in Wrocław. On December 15-18, selected establishments will serve some of the special dishes straight from the Wrocław Cookbook published this year, as a culinary insight into the European Capital of Culture. Among the featured dishes is Grandpa Karol’s egg paste, Emperor’s Treat – a yeast cake with cinnamon streusel, keselica with potatoes – a Lemko sour oat soup, tomato soup from Oporów, Silesian Heaven – pork loin with smoked plums and buckwheat blintz with cream fraiche. Bon appétit. You can find the cultural dishes at various cafes and restaurants presented below. 


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ECoC 2016
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Bema Café (Drobnera 38)
“Yeast cake with streusel and plums” & “My mama’s cheesecake”

Bema Café (Legnicka 56)
“Yeast cake with streusel and plums” & “My mama’s cheesecake”

Cafe Borówka (Świdnicka 38A)
“Silesian poppy seed cakes”

Etno Cafe Okrąglak" (Świdnicka 42)
“Emperor’s Treat (a yeast cake with cinnamon streusel)”

ETNO CAFÉ Wrocław Ovo (Podwale 82/91)
“Buckwheat blintz with salmon and dill” & “Grandpa Karol’s Borderlands egg paste” & “Emperor’s Treat (a yeast cake with cinnamon streusel)”

ETNO CAFÉ Wrocław Pasaż Grunwaldzki (plac Grunwaldzki 22, level 0)
“Grandpa Karol’s Borderlands egg paste & Emperor’s Treat (a yeast cake with cinnamon streusel)”

La Maddalena Restauracja (Włodkowica 9)
“Buckwheat blintzes / smoked salmon / whipped cream / pickled beets / dill caviar / chives mousse / saffron milk cap oil”

Machina Organika (Ruska 19)
“Tofu pierogies with white beans”

Mama Manousch – Food & Wine (Świdnicka 4A)
“Buckwheat blintz with cream fraiche / roe / Milicz carp (local product) / fennel flower / beets / apple / dock”

Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia (Włodkowica 5)
“Herring salad”

Nadodrze – Cafe Resto Bar (Drobnera 26A)
“Roasted ribs with sauerkraut & Potato blintz”

Olszewskiego 128 (Olszewskiego 128)
“Hubertówka – game and mead soup”
* on Friday the restaurant is open until 4:00 p.m.
* earlier reservation is recommended (530 530 918)

Restauracja Jasna (Włodkowica 18)
“Keselica with potatoes – homemade Lemko sour oat soup”
* a closed event will be taking place on 16.12 at 3:00 p.m.
* a closed event will be taking place on 17.12

Szynkarnia – local food & multitap (Św. Antoniego 15)
“Tomato soup from Oporów (with graham noodles)” & “Silesian Heaven (pork loin with smoked plums, leavened dumplings made of local flour)”

“The Wrocław Cookbook is a unique publication, containing various recipes sprinkled with warm memories and funny anecdotes, allowing us to read the emotions of their authors and for just a second feel the atmospheres of their kitchens. I believe that this book is not only a collection of tasty recipes and interesting culinary stories, but also an inspiration to take a moment and think about the look and the taste of the Wrocław cuisine and identify with it even more.”
Beata Śniechowska



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