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Cyber Academy – organized by European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 – is an international project of developing media literacy and communication, dedicated to the Polish and foreign culture workers. The main objective of a series of meetings is to prepare participants from all over Europe - bloggers, radio announcers, PR people, marketers, culture managers, art critics, journalists and editors - for a conscious use of the resources of the new media and the most current tools as well as creating processes that facilitate communication and the flow of the information.

In 2016 Cyber Academy is being held for the third time – during the first year participants met twice in Wroclaw, edition 2015, which theme wads "The Digital City", has been organized in cooperation with the Institution of Culture Katowice - City of Gardens and Medialab Katowice. The leitmotif od Cyber Academy 2016 will be cultural communication on local, continental and global level.

The topic of this edition (titled "Continent of Culture") is a European society that in the XXI century works mainly in the network and using primarily the tools available on the internet. The network has become somewhat of a "second continent" - a place of data exchange that is universal and beyond any territorial limits. The new digital continent is a source of unlimited contacts, controversy and discussion, knowledge and education, but it is also a place that distances us from the others by teaching us solutions that are convenient, but at the same time based on a compromise. During the three sessions of workshops (held in Wroclaw, Katowice and Warsaw) participants will get to know innovative ways of informing about the culture and see how the latest technologies may be used in practice.

During the workshops, participants will learn about inventive ways of thinking about communication of culture processes, about the habits of a typical "user" whose attention they must attract, they will also try to answer the question of how to encourage a new audience to invest their valuable time in active participation in culture. In the age of social networking, enlarging network of contacts, the daily exchange of data, are we still able to arouse one's curiosity? The project involves three workshop sessions lasting four to six days - Wroclaw, Katowice and Warsaw - where a group of about 20 participants from Poland and abroad will take part in workshops, lectures, art interventions related to new media, debates, laboratories, hackatons and discussions. Participants will visit institutions and organizations that have extensive experience in the use of new media as elements of art and education.



Held in April, the meeting in Wroclaw will summarize the experience of the previous two years of work within the Cyber Academy, as well as introduce the topics that will be explored in 2016. The first part of Wroclaw’s "CYBER WEEK" will be directed to a group of selected participants. The signaled topics will be developed during the sessions in Katowice and Warsaw. The first days will however also prepare the conference open to the public carried during the weekend. On Friday and Saturday young professionals and the experts associated with the program will share with Wroclaw’s audience their new media experiences, good practices, communication and knowledge collected during the previous editions of the Cyber Academy.

The next session, held in July in the capital of Upper Silesia, will be devoted to reaching out with information about the small communities and at how the regional and supra-regional character of projects affects the shape of communication. To achieve that goal, participants will learn tools that can be helpful in identifying the communication habits specific to a particular community, which will allow for more effective exchange of ideas. The closing meeting, organized in Warsaw, will take different perspective – it will be a space of discussion over how the projects of exceptional local coloring, but short-range, hit a broad, international audience.



Practical classes with experts in the field of culture, communication and new media will allow for a model of an international platform for communication and exchange of experience. Part of the program will also be panel discussions and lectures open to the public - participants will discuss the role and importance of the media and journalists, cultural media and the media as art as well as culture as one of the elements of media education. 

2nd open session of Cyber Academy at the beginning of October

We invite you for the 2nd (after the one in Wrocław) open session of Cyber Academy "NEW COMMUNICATION OF CULTURE vol. 2"! This time we'll meet at October 9th in National Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw.

"NEW COMMUNICATION OF CULTURE" is an open meeting with practitioners who are responsible every day for the promotion of some of the most interesting Polish cultural events as well as trendwatchers and researchers trying to pick out from the multitude of new tools and techniques those without which in the near future we will not be able to get around. During 'NEW COMMUNICATION OF CULTURE vol. 2' we'll try to answer the question what constitutes the effective visual communication, how to build satisfactory experience for our audience, we will also talk about the role social media play in everyday work of cultural institutions.

11:30 Registration
11:45 Global promotion of Polish art: where to begin? Case study | Dobromiła Błaszczyk, Contemporary Lynx
12:45 Going – let's explore the city. How to connect organizers of cultural events and the public | Maciek Gastoł, Going
14:00 What do you need to tell a good story? Interactive online narrations | Dominik Cymer, Cyber Kids on Real
14:45 Designing user experience - online and #IRL (and few pointers about the accessibility of websites) | Katarzyna Rychcińska
15:30 New CI of National Museum in Wrocław. Case study | Kalina Zatorska i Marian Misiak
16:00 New economy and digital society. How to cooperate with online public? | Łukasz Mirocha i Bartosz Filip Malinowski

You can register for the open session here:


After the Katowice session – thank you!


We are looking back at an incredibly inspiring second session of Cyber Academy, which took place 13th to 16th of July in Katowice’s Museum of Silesia. During four days of classes, the participants took part in workshops dealing with topics like research in culture, method design thinking and service design (provided by Michał Kocikowski and Michał Kwasieborski from Kolektyw Badawczy) they analyzed different manners of building an effective relationship  to their audience (Bartek Lis, Fundacja Impact) but also presenting their activities so that potential recipients will find adequate information (Katarzyna Rychcińska). Plenty of time was devoted to an experience exchange panel – the young cultural managers, PR people, artists, journalists shared typical problems they encountered in their daily work and together they tried to work out the best solutions for them. A visit to the capital of Upper Silesia ended with a visit to Nikiszowiec, a picturesque working-class district of the early twentieth century.

The last session of the Cyber Academy in 2016 will be held at the headquarters of the National Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw between 6th and 9th October. More details soon.


About Service Design, Audience Development and UX in Katowice


The prevailing task during our Katowice session, apart from some specific local actions, will be the direct access to recipients of cultural initiatives – always from a somewhat different perspective. At their first day, Cyber Academy’s participants will meet Michał Kocikowski and Michał Kwasieborski from Kolektyw Badawczy, a socially committed company which cooperates with cultural institutions. During their workshop they will focus on the topics of Research in culture, the method of design thinking and service design. Kocikowski is an anthropologist, gaining his experience in social and market research by working for large research agencies (PBS, Millward Brown Poland). As a co-founder of Kolektyw Badawczy he is involved in conducting studies which evaluate cultural projects and diagnose the state of cultural education. Kwasieborski is an experienced designer, specialized in product-, spatial and graphic design. For many years he has been working as art director in advertising agencies. Lately, much of his work has been dedicated to participatory design. Furthermore, he teaches service design for post-graduate students at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The second day’s workshop will be conducted by Bartek Lis, sociologist, curator of social projects and cultural animator. Bartek cooperates with Wroclaw’s Museum for Contemporary Art (MWW), SKiBa - School of Cultural Animators, the foundation ART. TRANSPARENT, the Association „ę” and the Impact Foundation. In Katowice, together with the participants, he will try to answer a few questions about audience development in culture. How can this term be understood? Can we build an audience starting from scratch or based on an already existing one? Should we rather use quantitative or qualitative approaches? And is it possible to build an audience without excluding certain groups? What is the role of new technologies (including new media) in a process of Audience Development?

The next tutor will be Katarzyna Rychcińska works as UX (user experience) designer and describes herself as usability enthusiast, being most passionate about UX in urban space. Her workshop will be dedicated to UX and information architecture in culture.

The workshop will be the opportunity to get to know the basics of usability. We will have the chance to practice card sorting techniques, create information architecture based on real life examples and validate it through corridor testing. At the end of the day you will have the knowledge how to create low budget yet usable websites.


The next session of Cyer Academy is coming closer


Here are the first details for the forthcoming session of Cyber Academy: The Katowice meeting will take place from July 13th to 17th and just as in 2015, the international group will work in the building of the new museum. During the summer session, the workshops are another opportunity to examine the “Continent of Culture”, as Europe’s 21st century’s society which mainly works online, using tools available on the internet. This time, Cyber Academy will become a space for discussions on how small but unique local can hit a broad international audience. The session in Katowice is organized by European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 as well as the cultural institut Katowice - City of Gardens and Medialab Katowice.



European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 announces a Call for Papers – articles, reports and scientific texts – which will be summed up in a publication about this year's Cyber Academy. Join the team for creating this manual on culture communication "CYBER ACADEMY: CONTINENT OF CULTURE”!

Subject of 2016’s edition of CYBER ACADEMY, titled "Continent of Culture", is Europe’s 21st century’s society which mainly works online, using tools available on the internet. The web has become some kind of a "second continent" - a place of data exchange that is universal and beyond any territorial limits. The new digital continent is a source of unlimited contacts, controversy and discussion, knowledge and education. It is at the same time a place that distances us from others by teaching us solutions that are convenient but also based on a compromise.

“CONTINENT OF CULTURE" will be published as a collection of theoretical considerations and good practices of culture communication under new and rapidly changing conditions. Create it with us!

Please address your applications to – we will be waiting for them from April 25th to July 29th, 2016. Applications should contain the text with a volume up to 2,500 characters and a CV.



Our first session of Cyber Academy in 2016

The first session of this year’s Cyber Academy was held last week at Barbara’s - the infopoint of the European Capitol of Culture Wroclaw 2016. 25 participants came to Wroclaw from Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and different cities around Poland, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan and Gdansk. This year’s “Cyber Team” consists of journalists, PR and marketing people, producers and managers of cultural events, artists, IT-specialists and academics.

Between April 5th and 8th the group took part in closed workshop sessions. Starting with an “Experience Exchange Panel”, moderated by Kuba Żary, the participants could exchange on good practices they had developed in the course of their everyday work. During a next step, the participants supported by Łukasz Mirocha and Norbert Kołos tried to identify upcoming communication trends in a class on “Foresight of Communication” and went on practising their abilities of working with graphic design in a creative team in Jakub Jezierski’s class on “Designing for Culture & Culture of Designing”.

The next two parts of the programme were dedicated to working with audiences, taking their specific needs into account: In her workshop “Grassroots Digitization and Crowdsourcing of Culture”, Hanna Kostrzewska discussed a range of methods using the audience’s potential while Anna Kalinowska addressed to recipients of different age groups, leading a workshop called “[Blank]-rated. Cross-generational Communication Tools”. Maciej Marcisz then gave a detailed report on the effects that can be achieved with a minimal budget: “The Potential of Zero Budget”. The workshop sessions were closed by Anna Kopaczewska’s class on „Data Visualization – Visual Communication”.

On Saturday, April 9th, Cyber Academy for the first time opened for a broad public which was invited to the conference “NEW COMMUNICATION OF CULTURE”. Speakers were among others Daniel Wahl and Paweł Pawlik from the agency Happy Monday, Agata Etmanowicz, Piotr Celiński and Kamil Śliwowski. The physical effects of the meeting in Wroclaw became visual in the venue: the spacial installation “CONTINENT OF CULTURE” was implemented by the ONIMO studio and will stay in Barbara during the next couple of months.

The next session of Cyber Academy will be held in July in Katowice.


The open session of Cyber Academy - we know the timetable

April 9 we invite you to an open meeting with practitioners who are responsible every day for the promotion of some of the most interesting Polish cultural events as well as trendwatchers and researchers trying to pick out from the multitude of new tools and techniques those without which in the near future we will not be able to get around. During 'NEW COMMUNICATION OF CULTURE' we'll talk about how to construct an effective communication strategy with only a minimal budget, how to deal with a PR crisis, how to develop the audience and what digital tools to use while communicating with them.

The timetable of the day:
11.45 Kamil Śliwowski "Creative Commons in practice" 
12.30 Piotr Celiński "Software for culture"
13:45 Daniel Wahl and Paweł Pawlik "The history of one r-evolution - the developement of festivals and the change of communication dynamics"
14:30 Agata Etmanowicz "Who are they? Online. And offline"
15:45 Maciej Marcisz "No budget, national reach"
16:30 Anna Kalinowska "[Blank]-rated. Cross-generational communication tools"

Participation in the session is free of charge. The meeting will be conducted in Polish and English. Registration of participants will be held in Barbara before the event. 


We know the participants Cyber Academy 2016

After analyzing dozens of applications that came to Cyber Academy's mailbox in January and February, we've selected 25 people who will take part in three workshop sessions this year. The participants will come to Wroclaw from Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Polish. Among them are journalists, PR specialists and marketers, producers and managers of cultural events, artists, IT professionals and academics. The group will meet for the first time on April 5th in Wroclaw during the first session of the Cyber Academy.
The list of participants qualified for the project is available HERE


ECC Wrocław 2016 opens recruitment for CYBER ACADEMY

Are you a journalist, blogger, manager of culture, art critic, the person responsible for the promotion of cultural events? Do you use new media and technology in your work? Do you want to develop your skills by taking part in an international project? CYBER ACADEMY is the place for you!


Krzysztof Bielaszka – project coordinator –

Kuba Żary - communication - 

Barbara Wińska - project secretary -

Partners and sponsors

Thanks to them everything is possible!



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