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David Gilmour Concert

Program details

Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny

David Gilmour at the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016

The legendary Pink Floyd guitarist is to perform with 30-piece orchestra NFM Philharmonic under the baton Zbigniew Preisner and Leszek Możdżer.

David Gilmour is on his “Rattle That Lock” world tour. On 26th January 2016, the details of the artist’s special performance at the Wolności Square in Wrocław were made publicly known. The concert, organised to celebrate the year of the European Capital of Culture in Wrocław, starts on 25th June at 9:30 p.m. (the gates are going to be opened at 7:00 p.m.). Leszek Możdżer and Zbigniew Preisner will be the guests of David Gilmour at that concert. Approximately 20,000 seats were prepared for the audience. All tickets were sold.

The European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 welcomes you to the Meeting Place!
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We wish you a fantastic musical experience!
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The concert in Wrocław is going to be the first event on the “Rattle That Lock” tour in which the 30-piece orchestra of Zbigniew Preisner—the famous musician and Gilmour’s long-term colleague—is going to take part. The special guest of this concert is Leszek Możdżer—an exquisite pianist and the Artistic Director of the Jazz on the Odra. This amazing event at Wolności Square in Wrocław, right in front of the national Forum of Music, will be filmed by the famous director of music and documentary films, and the author of the covers of Pink Floyd’s albums, Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell.

David Gilmour previously performed in Poland in 2006 at the Gdańsk Shipyard in the memory of establishing the NSZZ “Solidarność” trades union. That marvellous show resulted in a concert album and a DVD edition—“Live in Gdańsk” featuring the appearance of the special guest star, Richard Wright from Pink Floyd.

David Gilmour
is an English musician, singer, and composer born in Cambridge. One of the world’s best guitarists of all times and a long-time singer and guitarist in the Pink Floyd band. Gilmour joined Pink Floyd in 1967 replacing Syd Barrett. His characteristic guitar tune was one of the sources of the Floyds’ success in the 1970s. David Gilmour also took the lead of Pink Floyd after the band’s reunion. The British musician and composer worked with such personae as, amongst others, Grace Jones, Tom Jones, Elton John, B.B. King, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Sam Brown, Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend, as well as with The Who or Supertramp bands. He also formed many supergroups that staged occasionally during many charity concerts. He discovered and promoted the singer, Kate Bush. He has recorded four solo albums: “David Gilmour” (1978), “About Face” (1984), “On an Island” (2006, with the songs arranged for the orchestral performance by Zbigniew Preisner and recorded with Leszek Możdżer), and “Rattle That Lock” (2015). On 6th March 2016, David Gilmour celebrated his 70th birthday.

“Rattle That Lock”
It is the fourth solo Gilmour’s album. Published on 18th September 2015, it was a world-scale success. It was ranked the first place on the charts in 11 countries, including Poland and United Kingdom, and made it to the top five on the charts in 12 other countries, Germany amongst others. The album also ranked the highest place on the American charts in whole Gilmour’s carrier. On iTunes, the album scored the first place in 12 countries. The next stop of “Rattle That Lock” tour, after Europe, are the United States and Canada. Gilmour is to give concerts in Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, and New York.

The reviewers on the latest Gilmour’s concerts:
“Still the undisputed master of art rock, this show was nothing short of magical. Stunning.” – Daily Star
“It was hard to imagine a better blend of atmosphere, visuals and sound.”— Daily Telegraph

“Something beyond merely giving the fans what they wanted… a spiritual experience.”— The Times

“Gilmour 'rattles' and roars again… When his guitar spoke it roared…. A blistering 'Run Like Hell' had a punk undertow but still glistened.”— Evening Standard

The posters can be acquired for PLN 10 directly at the ECC Wrocław BARBARA Infopoint (Świdnicka 8c) or on-line at:

“David Gilmour Concert”

Pursuant to art. 6 (3) in connection with art. 8 (1) of the Act of 20 March 2009 on mass events security (Journal of Laws Dz. U. of 2009, No. 62, item 504), hereinafter referred to as the “Act”, the following regulations are introduced:


Chapter I – Scope

§ 1


  1. The Regulations apply to the David Gilmour concert to be held on 25 June 2016 in accordance with to the provisions of the Act, hereinafter referred to as the “Concert” or the “Event”, produced by


Biuro Festiwalowe Impart 2016 Komuny Paryskiej 39–41, 50-451 Wrocław


hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”;


in plac Wolności


located in Wrocław between Podwale street and Kazimierza Wielkiego street


hereinafter referred to as the “Venue/Site”.


  1. The Regulations specify the terms and conditions of participation and the rules of behaviour of persons present at the “Concert”, hereinafter referred to as event participants, including order regulations governing:
    1. entry of the event participants to the Concert;
    2. obligations of the event participants;
    3. prohibitions to be complied with by the event participants;
    4. rights of the event participants;
    5. rules for providing and processing of personal data;
    6. rules regarding responsibility, also on the part of the event participants, for behaviour contrary to the applicable law, including – in connection with the violation of the provisions of these Regulations.


  1. All event participants are obligated to respect the provisions of these Regulations. Provisions of these Regulations are not in contravention of higher-ranking law.


  1. All event participants shall behave in a manner that is not threatening the safety of other participants or other persons present at the Event site, and in particular shall comply with the provisions of these Regulations and provisions of law, and comply with instructions given by the authorities and services specified in §1 (5) of the Regulations immediately.


  1. In view of the requirements set forth in the Act and the resulting obligation to ensure Event security throughout its duration, the Organizer established the following authorities:
    1. Security Manager – understood as a person nominated by the Organizer, representing the Organizer within the scope of ensuring the safety of mass event participants;
    2. information service – understood as persons reporting to the Security Manager, nominated by the Organizer,
    3. security service – understood as persons reporting to the Security Manager, nominated by the Organizer, entered in the list of qualified physical security officers, referred to in art. 26 of the Act of 22 August 1997 on the protection of people and property.



Chapter II – Entry to and participation in the Concert

§ 2


  1. The permission to enter and remain within the Venue/Site is given by the Organizer, exercising his powers through the Security Manager and the security and information services personnel reporting to the Security Manager, such personnel to wear appropriate markings, including IDs issued by the mass event Organizer, displayed in a visible place. In circumstances provided for in separate regulations, the event participants may be given binding orders also by the Police, the National Fire Service, the Border Guard, the Military Gendarmerie, and, if necessary – by representatives of other services and authorities authorised to do so.


  1. Only persons who meet the following criteria can be admitted to and remain within the Venue/Site:
    1. are not noticeably under the influence of alcohol
    2. are not under the influence of intoxicants, psychotropic drugs or any other substances having similar effect;
    3. do not violate the provisions of law and the provisions of the venue or event regulations;
    4. carry documents specified in sec. 3
    5. are not banned from attending mass events by a binding ruling;
    6. are on a list authorised by the Organizer’s authorities;
    7. are over 13 or attend a mass event with legal guardians fully responsible for such persons;


  1. Pursuant to the Act, the following documents issued by the Organizer entitle their holders to enter and remain within the Venue/Site:

- single entry ticket to the event, with an ID document

- invitation or other document confirming the persons’ right to enter and participate in the mass event.



Chapter III – Obligations of the Concert participants

§ 3


  1. Event participants are obligated to:
  1. carry and, whenever requested by the Organizer’s services, present the document entitling them to enter the Venue/Site, and carry an ID document;
  2. behave in a manner respecting the rules of social coexistence, including not threatening the safety of other people attending the Concert – by complying with the provisions of the Venue/Site regulations and the Concert regulations;
  3. comply with orders and instructions of the Security Manager, the Organizer’s information and security service and the announcer, and in the event of an intervention by the Police, the National Fire Service, the Border Guard, the Military Gendarmerie, and, if necessary – the representatives of other authorised services and authorities – follow their orders;




Chapter IV – Prohibitions to be observed by the event participants


§ 4


  1. The following items must not be brought into the Venue/Site or carried during the Concert:
    1. dangerous items, in particular weapons, including: fire weapons, bladed weapons, pneumatic weapons, gas weapons or other weapons, where the person has a licence to carry. The provision shall not apply to Police officers and other authorised services and authorities during the performance of their official duties;
    2. explosives;
    3. containers for spraying gas, caustic substances or paints;
    4. various types of knives, bats (including bats used to play sports), clubs or sticks, items made of metal (in particular: pipes, screws, nails, bearing elements, etc.) and other items that are not illegal to carry, but that because of their nature can be used to engage in illegal behaviours, e.g. flagpoles, umbrellas, etc.;
    5. pyrotechnic articles, including: fireworks, light balls, flares and other similar items of any kind or any type of items that are potential fire hazards;
    6. laser pointers;
    7. bottles, mugs, jugs or cans made of hard material, including plastic bottles;
    8. items that can be used to change the outward appearance of a person, thus preventing or hindering their identification;
    9. items producing excessive noise, in particular any powered instruments or vuvuzelas;
    10. the following agents or beverages:

1. alcoholic agents or beverages;

2. intoxicating agents or beverages, psychotropic substances and other substances having              similar effect.

k. professional cameras

l. boxes, bags, backpacks, suitcases, or other items larger than 25 cm by 25 cm by 25 cm;

m. large quantities of toilet paper, rolled paper towels, or other rolled paper or material;

n. items, materials, clothes that serve the purpose of illegal advertising or promotion or contains advertisement of entities not linked with the Organizer under separate agreements or understandings.

  1. During the Concert it is prohibited to:
    1. use items that can change the outward appearance of a person, thus preventing or hindering their identification;
    2. use offensive language, shout or display obscene, vulgar or racist content;
    3. incite quarrels, including on grounds of nationality, religion, or social background, etc.;
    4. throw things;
    5. consume alcohol in areas not intended and designated by the Organizer for that purpose;
    6. intoxicating or psychotropic agents;
    7. continuously stand in the seated sectors;
    8. start or feed fire, including smoking outside of designated smoking areas;
    9. light fireworks, use pyrotechnic articles etc.;
    10. satisfy physiological needs outside the toilets;
    11. litter the Venue/Site;
    12. destroy the Venue/Site infrastructure;
    13. stand in the area of exits, entrances and evacuation routes without a reason.


  1. Without written consent of the Organizer it is prohibited to bring any animals to the Event premises.


  1. Access to the Venue/Site will be denied to persons who:
    1. do not carry a valid Concert admission document, including an ID;
    2. refuse to undergo the procedures followed pursuant to the Act, i.e. within the scope of:

1. verification of their right to attend a mass event;

2. ID checks for the purpose of establishing identity;

3. inspection of the contents of luggage and frisking – where there is a suspicion that such persons bring in or carry items that cannot be brought in or carried during the Event;

  1. refuse to follow safety orders issued under the provisions of the Venue/Site and the Concert Regulations;
  2. are under noticeable influence of:

1. alcohol;

2. intoxicants, psychotropic drugs, or any other substances having similar effect.

  1. are under 13 and are at the Venue/Site without a legal guardian;
  2. behave in an aggressive or provocative manner, or otherwise pose a threat to security or order during the Concert;
  3. are impossible or difficult to identify because of their appearance, make-up, clothes, or behaviour;
  4. carry emblems, pennants, banners, drawings of inscriptions on their clothes or bodies – with content that is prohibited by law or the Organizer’s regulations, including content inciting hatred of racial, religious, or other nature, who display flags, banners, etc., that are contrary to the generally applicable provisions of law or the Organizer’s regulations in this respect,
  5. persons with an issued final court decisions banning them from entry to mass events, ordering them to refrain from being present in locations of mass events, issued against persons with a suspended custodial sentence or against minors pursuant to art. 6 (2) of the act of 26 October 1982 on juvenile delinquency proceedings;
  6. are listed in the database kept by the Police pursuant to art. 37 (2) of the Act.


  1. It is prohibited to enter areas or sections not designated for the public. The ban covers in particular: the stage and any of its components, including structural elements and equipment, climbing onto and over structures and equipment not designated for public use, in particular the facade, fences, walls, roofs of the Venue/Site, lighting equipment, camera platforms, trees, any type of masts, or accessing other places, equipment or rooms to which access is restricted to specialised services and the representatives of the Event Organizer.


  1. Security and information services are authorized to:
    1. verify and establish the right to attend a mass event, and where a person is found not to have that right – ask them to leave the Event;
    2. check ID for the purpose of establishing identity;
    3. inspect the contents of luggage and frisk persons suspected of bringing in or carrying items forbidden at the Event, specified in §4 sec. 1-3 of these Regulations;
    4. give safety orders to persons who disturb the public order or who act contrary to the Event Regulations or the Venue regulations, and if such orders are not complied with – order them to leave the Event;
    5. apprehend persons creating a direct threat to the property under protection, or persons committing offences, and hand them over to the Police immediately.
  2. In order to enforce behaviour required by law in accordance with the order given by the above-specified services, or in order to repel a direct, unlawful attack on the life, health, or freedom of the above-specified services or any other person, pursuant to art. 11 (1) (2) of the act of 24 May 2013 on the means of physical coercion and the use of firearms, the security services may use means of physical coercion in the form of: physical force in the form of transportation and defence techniques, use of handcuffs, as well as chemical incapacitating agents in the form of hand-held throwers of incapacitating substances (i.e. means specified in art. 12 (1) item 1 letter a and b, item 2 letter a and item 12 letter a of the above-specified act).
  3. The above actions shall be carried out in a manner that respects human dignity and other personal interests of the person at which they are directed.



Chapter V – Rights of the event participants


§ 5

  1. The event participants have the right to:
    1. remain within the Venue/Site during the Concert, i.e. from the moment the Venue/Site is made available by the Organizer until the end of the Concert;
    2. freely participate in the Concert expressing their emotions, which will be limited only by the need to comply with the generally applicable provisions of law, the rules of social coexistence and the provisions hereof;
    3. receive information about:

1. the location of the medical, catering and sanitary points;

2. facilities and the security requirements specified by the Organizer or rescue services;

  1. use the equipment, including the sanitary facilities, open to the public, in accordance with their purpose;
  2. use medical assistance.


  1. The event participants have the right to:
    1. notify losses suffered during and at the event to the Organizer’s representative, e.g. the Security Manager,
    2. file complaints,
    3. demand reimbursement of the costs incurred by the event participant for unused documents authorizing admission to the Venue/Site through the fault of or due to reasons attributable to the Organizer.


  1. Any complaints, comments, or observations related to the participation in the Event may be submitted within 14 days of the end of the Event, in particular in writing to the following correspondence address of the Organizer: Biuro Festiwalowe Impart 2016 Komuny Paryskiej 39–41, 50-451 Wrocław. Complaints will be considered by the Organizer within 14 days of receipt.


Chapter VI – Personal data

§ 6


  1. By entering the Event area and participating in the Concert the event participants grant automatic consent for the Organizer, acting as a Controller of personal data, to process personal data necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Act. The purpose of the collection and processing of information concerning the security of mass events is to prevent and combat offences related to such events.
  2. The data referred to in sec. 1 may be made available to other entities associated with the Organizer.
  3. The data referred to above will be processed for a period not longer than two years following the Concert.
  4. By entering the Venue the event participants grant automatic consent for their image to be fixed and used in connection with the production, presentation, advertising, or the use of any film, video and audio recordings, or photographs taken during the Concert, and/or any element of the Concert presented in the media worldwide. The consent covers both the fixation of the Event in connection with ensuring event security in accordance with the Act (in particular CCTV monitoring), and the fixation done by the Organizer or entities cooperating with the Organizer for purposes not directly related to ensuring Event security (in particular for the purpose of TV or online transmission, retransmission, etc.). The Organizer may use such a fixation or its fragment, including one containing the image of a participant or any other person present at the Event, not subject to any time or geographic restrictions, without having to pay remuneration for the use of the image, in all fields of exploitation specified in art. 50 of the copyright and related rights act, in particular by fixing, reproducing, trading, and disseminating the image in any form (non-exclusive licence). The Organizer has the right to grant sub-licences and to exercise and permit the exercise of derivative copyrights to such a fixation.



Chapter VII – Final provisions

§ 7


  1. An Event participant present in the section of the Venue/Site intended for a group of participant he/she is not a part of can be directed to the appropriate section, and where justified by safety reasons – removed from the Venue/Site.


  1. Commercial, catering, service or artistic activities, including transmissions, radio or TV recordings, filming and photographing within the Venue/Site requires a written consent of the Organizer.


  1. The Organizer shall have the right to cancel the event without notice due to reasons not attributable to the Organizer (e.g. artist cancelling the performance, force majeure, etc.), in particular the Organizer shall not liable for the cancelling of the event by the public authorities pursuant to the generally applicable provisions of law. 


  1. The Organizer shall have the right to change the date, place, or the programme of the Event due to compelling reasons (i.e. in particular the announcement of national mourning, inclement weather preventing the event from being held, illness, indisposition, or refusal to perform the Concert by the artists, or other objective reason beyond the control of the Organizer preventing the Event, or if the change is necessitated by the need to ensure safety, health or life of people or property, or by the need to ensure that the Event progresses without interruptions and in a manner ensuring comfort of the participants).


  1. In situations specified in sec. 3 and 4 above, if the Event is cancelled or the date or place of the Event is changed (except where the change is to a different location in the same city), a ticket holder shall have the right to return the ticket before the Event and receive a refund of the admission price.


  1. Where a ticket holder is entitled to return the ticket and claim refund of the admission price, the ticket holder should request a refund at the place where the ticket was purchased, without undue delay after learning about the cancellation, and in the case of a change of date, place, or programme, as referred to in sec. 4 above, not later than 12 hours before the start of the Event.


  1. The Organizer shall not liable for consequences of force majeure. Force majeure shall be understood as events beyond the control of the Organizer, impossible to prevent or avoid, as a result of which the performance of the obligations becomes impossible or can be considered impossible due to the circumstances. Force majeure shall be, in particular, artist’s indisposition, failure of or interruptions in the operation of equipment supplying power, heat, or light, war operations or actions of the government or self-government administration, natural disasters, floods, fires, earthquake, epidemics, general strike, general riots or other circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer.
  2. The Organizer informs that the Event participants or other persons present at the Event will be continuously exposed to loud sound that could cause hearing damage, therefore children and persons with sensitive hearing are advised to wear protection headphones.




§ 8


  1. Persons who violate the applicable law, and in particular the provisions hereof, shall be apprehended and handed over to the appropriate services immediately. Such persons shall not be entitled to claim refund of the price of the purchased documents entitling them to enter the Concert. The Organizer informs that pursuant to art. 54-56 of the Act, whoever fails to follow a security order issued by security or information services pursuant to an act, venue (site) regulations, or regulations of a mass event, or enters a place not intended for the public, and whoever fails to follow an order issued by the Police or the Military Gendarmerie, at the venue and during a mass event, whoever, contrary to the provisions of Act, brings or possesses alcoholic beverages, shall be subject to penalty of restriction of liberty or a fine not lower than PLN 2,000. And pursuant to art. 59 of the Act, whoever brings or possesses weapons within the meaning of the Act of 21 May 1999 on weapons and ammunition (Journal of Laws Dz. U. of 2012 item 576), pyrotechnical products, fire hazard materials, or other hazardous objects or explosives, shall be subject to a fine not lower than 180 times the daily fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty, or the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a period between 3 months and 5 years.


  1. Violation by an event participant of the provisions hereof may be punishable by a court-issued ban on entering mass events, referred to in the Act.

§ 9


  1. The Concert will be recorded by the Organizer using video and audio recording devices.


  1. Materials gathered in the course of fixating the Concert, which may serve as evidence sufficient to initiate criminal proceedings or proceedings in a petty offence case, or evidence of importance in such proceedings, shall be handed over to appropriate services immediately, in justified cased with a motion for punishment.


  1. The recording of the Concert will be kept for a period of 3 months after the Concert – and after such time it will be destroyed under the supervision of a committee, and a report will be drawn up. However, only materials that served the direct purpose of ensuring Event security in accordance with the Act will be destroyed under the supervision of a committee, and not other materials fixated by the Organizer or entities cooperating with the Organizer, and in particular, but without limitation, for the purpose of transmission or retransmission of the Concert, for commercial purposes, as well as for documentation and archiving purposes.


§ 10


  1. The Organizer reserves the right to:
    1. pursue claims for damage caused by the event participants, including for harming his good image;
    2. cancel the document entitling to enter the Venue/Site in accordance with the applicable provisions of law.


§ 11

  1. The Regulations are available at:, at the Organizer’s office, and directly before and during the Event also before the entrances to the Event area.
  2. Matters not provided for in these Regulations shall be governed by the generally applicable provisions of Polish law, in particular the provisions of the Act.
  3. The Regulations shall enter into force on the day of announcing and shall remain in force until the official closing of the Event by the Organizer.


  1. The deposit is open from 4:00 p.m. on the 25th June 2016 until 2:00 a.m. on the 26th June 2016.
  2. The items are accepted and stored on the basis of the storage agreement.
  3. Impart 2016 Festival Office, with its registered office at Komuny Paryskiej 39-41, 50-451 Wrocław is the depositary.
  4. Items listed in §4 par. 1 of the “David Gilmour Concert” Mass Event Regulations cannot be stored in the deposit.
  5. The final decision regarding acceptance and storage of any given item shall be taken by the depositary.
  6. The storage of an item is confirmed with a depositary receipt.
  7. The deposit is free of charge. The deposit is available to persons in possession of an admission ticket for the concert, as described in item 4.
  8. Collecting stored products will be possible after the concert ends, with a valid depositary receipt only. In the case where the Participant collects the deposited items before the end of the concert, they will be required to leave the premises, unless they will deposit their items again.
  9. In the case where the Participant loses the depositary receipt, collecting the deposited item will be possible in the depositary’s registered office, starting on the next day after the concert ends, only on the basis of a conclusive proof of ownership or rights to the deposited item. The provisions of items 11 and 12 shall apply accordingly.
  10. For each day of storing an item, which was not collected by the Participant after the concert, starting on the following day, the depositary will charge contractual penalty of PLN 10.00 (ten zloty, 00/100 grosz) gross.
  11. In the event of not collecting the deposit on the day of the concert, a deposited item will be moved to the depositary’s registered office, where it will be stored up to three months, starting on the day of the concert, and in the case of not collecting it during this time period, the ownership of the item in question will be transferred to the depositary, who can then manage it freely at its discretion, including disposal and sale of the item.
  12. By placing any deposit, the Participant confirms and accepts these Terms and Conditions.
  13. The person responsible for the proper functioning of the deposit is the Department of Organisation at Mazowiecka 17 in Wrocław. Phone: 71 712 71 00

OPEN GATES: 7:00 p.m.

Once you cross a gate, please collect a wristband in a colour corresponding to your section. For your convenience, the staff will wear T-shirts in colours corresponding to the colours of the sections.


VIP - green Golden Circle EE – yellow Golden Circle – orange Category A – red Category B – no wristbands.

Entrance to the sections only with valid tickets.

Keep your ticket and your armband during the entire concert!

What should you take with you to David Gilmour’s concert?

  1. Every participant should have their ticket to David Gilmour’s concert.
  2. Print out your Home Ticket if you selected this delivery method.
  3. Please take the receipt for your tickets or your reservation number.
  4. Please take any identification document with you.
  5. Please bring protective clothing against rain, in the case of adverse weather conditions.
  6. Please bring any headgear protecting your head from high temperatures.
  7. We would like to remind and warn against buying tickets from non-authorised sources, as the tickets may turn out to be illegal, counterfeit or copied. If such a fraud is discovered, the victim will not be able to enter the concert.


It is forbidden to enter the concert area with items specified in the attached picture:



RENOMA (Świdnicka 40, entry from Czysta street) | 3-minute walk from the concert area
Monday–Saturday: 6:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.
Sunday: 7:30 a.m.–10:00 p.m.

On the day of the concert (25/06) RENOMA car park will be opened until 2:00 a.m.

SZEWSKA CENTRUM  24-hr car park| 6-minute walk from the concert area

PLAC NOWY TARG  24-hr car park | 12-minute walk from the concert area

DWORZEC GŁÓWNY PKP 24-hr car park | 15-minute walk from the concert area

 ARKADY WROCŁAWSKIE (Powstańców Śląskich 2-4) | 12-minute walk from the concert area
Monday–Friday: 6:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.
Saturday–Sunday: 8:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.,8.html

GALERIA DOMINIKAŃSKA (Plac Dominikański 3) | 8-minute walk from the concert area
Monday–Saturday: 8:30 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
Sunday: 9:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.




From 1:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. additional night buses routes will be put on course: 241, 243,

245, 246, 247, 249, 251, 253, 255. The buses on each rout will depart each 15 minutes.

⇒ APLICATION/WWW [website:]

- “Foum Muzyki” tram stop: 4, 15, 20, 25 (direction: Świdnicka street), 4, 6, 7, 14, 15, 20 (dir.: Legionów Square), 
- “Opera” tram stop: 3, 6, 10, 17, 23, 33 (dir.: Arkady shopping centre), 6, 7, 10, 17, 23, 33 (dir.: Świdnicka street)
- “Renoma” tram stop: 6, 7, 14, 20 (dir.: Arkady shopping centre), 6, 7, 10, 17, 23, 33 (dir.: Opera)
- “Foum Muzyki” bus stop: 243, 247, 253, 257, D (dir.: Renoma shopping centre)
- “Renoma” bus stop: 206, 243, 247, 249, 253, 257 (dir.: Świdnicka), 106, 148, 149, 206, 243, 247, 249, 253, 257, D (dir.: Arkady shopping centre (Capitol Music Theatre)), 106, 148, 149 (dir.: Orląt Lwowskich street)

The organiser declares that on the night of 25th/26th June 2016 at 9:30 p.m. on Wolności Square in Wrocław, the concert of David Gilmour takes place, ending approximately between 1:00 a.m.–2:30 a.m. on 26th June 2016. As the event needs additional public transportation service, on that night additional buses routes will be put on course in order to facilitate the audience the return from the concert.

Buses will be put on course after the end of the concert, at 1:00 a.m.–2:30 a.m. on 26th June 2016 and will depart each 15 minutes.

2 articulated buses No. 241 taking the following route:
Świdnicka – Kazimierza Wielkiego –  Dominikański square – Oławska – Traugutta –  Społeczny square – Grunwaldzki bridge –  Grunwaldzki square – Reagana roundabout (platform 2) –  Grunwaldzki square – Szczytnicki bridge – Kochanowskiego – Jagiellońskie bridges – Brucknera – Kwidzyńska – Działdowska – Kowalska – Krzywoustego –Lotników Polskich roundabout – Bora-Komorowskiego – Zakrzowska – Bora-Komorowskiego – Irkucka – Królewska – Sobieskiego estate

2 articulated buses No. 243 taking the following route:
Galeria Dominikańska shopping centre – Oławska – Traugutta – Wróblewskiego square – Traugutta – Krakowska – Opolska – Tyska – Księże Wielkie

3 articulated buses No. 243 taking the following route:
Świdnicka – Kazimierza Wielkiego – św. Mikołaja – Jana Pawła II square – Legnicka – Na Ostatnim Groszu – Orlińskiego – Horbaczewskiego – Balonowa – Bystrzycka – Bajana – Lotnicza – Pilczyce

3 articulated buses No. 245 taking the following route:
Świdnicka – Kazimierza Wielkiego – św. Mikołaja – Jana Pawła II square – Legnicka – Rybacka – Zachodnia – Poznańska – Długa – Starogroblowa – Popowicka – Pilczycka – Kozanowska – Dokerska – Pilczycka – Maślicka – Kozia

2 articulated buses No. 246 taking the following route:
Galeria Dominikańska shopping centre – Oławska – Traugutta – Społeczny square – Pokoju bridge – Wyszyńskiego – Warszawskie bridges – Kromera – Boya-Żeleńskiego – Berenta –  Daniłowskiego – Kasprowicza – Broniewskiego – Obornicka – Obornicka depot

3 articulated buses No. 247 taking the following route:
Rynek – Kazimierza Wielkiego – Krupnicza – Podwale – Świdnicka – Powstańców Śląskich – Krzyki

3 articulated buses No. 247 taking the following route:
Świdnicka – Kazimierza Wielkiego – Nowy Świat – Grodzka – most Uniwersytecki – Drobnera – Łokietka – Chrobrego – Powstańców Wielkopolskich square– Trzebnicka – Trzebnicki bridge – Żmigrodzka – Kamieńskiego – Kamieńskiego (balloon loop)

3 articulated buses No. 249 taking the following route:
Main Railway Station – Sucha – Borowska – Peronowa – Piłsudskiego – Świdnicka – Podwale – Orląt Lwowskich – Robotnicza – Strzegomska – Rogowska – Nowy Dwór (balloon loop)

3 articulated buses No. 251 taking the following route:
Świdnicka – Kazimierza Wielkiego – Dominikański square – bł. Czesława – św. Katarzyny – Piaskowa – Piaskowy bridge – św. Jadwigi – Młyńskie bridges – Bema square – Poniatowskiego – Jedności Narodowej – Warszawskie bridges – Kromera – Krzywoustego – Lotników Polskich roundabout – Nowogorlicka – Gorlicka – Poleska – Kiełczowska – Żmudzka – Litewska – Litewska (balloon loop)

2 articulated buses No. 251 taking the following route:
Świdnicka – Kazimierza Wielkiego – Krupnicza – Sądowa – Legionów square – Grabiszyńska – Solskiego – Piastów avenue – Piastów avenue

2 articulated buses No. 253 taking the following route:
Galeria Dominikańska shopping centre – Oławska – Traugutta – Społeczny square – Pokoju bridge – Wyszyńskiego – Szczytnicka – Reagana roundabout (platform 4) – Skłodowskiej-Curie –Zwierzyniecki bridge – Wróblewskiego – Olszewskiego – Bartoszowice

2 articulated buses No. 253 taking the following route:
Świdnicka – Kazimierza Wielkiego – św. Mikołaja – Jana Pawła II square – Legnicka – Lotnicza – Kosmonautów – Kamiennogórska – Małopolska – Wielkopolska – Złotnicka – Kosmonautów – Średzka – Trzmielowicka – Płońskiego – Leśnica

2 articulated buses No. 255 taking the following route:
Galeria Dominikańska shopping centre – Skargi – Kołłątaja – Peronowa – Borowska – Ślężna – Gliniana – Borowska – Świeradowska – Gaj-balloon loop


At the catering area hot courses, as well as non-alcohol drinks and beer will be served. Drinking water for PLN 3 per 0.5 litre will be available outside the catering area.

⇒ More Details at: H E R E and in BARBARA Infopoint, Świdnicka 8c, every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.,, phone: 71 712 75 74

Detailed information: and BARBARA Infopoint, Świdnicka 8c, every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.,, tel. 71 712 75 74


1. How do I get to the special platform for the disabled people? Are the disabled people supposed to turn up somewhere before the concert? Will there be a separate gate for the disabled people?
The entrances for the disabled people are located at Zamkowa street (the side street from Kazimierza Wielkiego) and at Świdnicka street. The disabled people and their guardians are allowed to enter through all the gates from the moment of their opening at 7:00 p.m.

2. Will the special platforms be reserved exclusively for the disabled people on wheelchairs?
The disabled people have absolute precedence. Should there be enough free space, the platforms will be made available also for the press.

3. Will there be folding chairs, e.g. for people who use crutches and are unable to stand through the whole concert?
There are not going to be any folding chairs, nor the attendees can bring their own seats due to the safety precautions. 

4. Will it be possible to enter the concert with a photo camera? (compact or reflex cameras)
It is prohibited to enter the concert area with a photo camera with an interchangeable lens, as well as with a zoom lens longer than 10 cm. The complete list of prohibited items is available in the concert regulations.

5. Will there be any time limit for coming late?
There is no such limit, but latecomers must be aware that having arrived after the scheduled concert starting hour, the entry to a given section of the concert area might be hampered.

6. Am I allowed to bring in an umbrella?
Neither umbrellas, nor any other items specified in the “Handy Information” tab are allowed. We advise you to take a raincoat with you.

7. Will it be possible to leave my zone before the concert starts, and then re-enter it again?
You can leave your zone, but not the concert area, i.e. you cannot go past the outer gates. Those who go past any of the outer gates, will not be allowed into the concert area again.  The concert area offers a complete infrastructure — catering, toilets, etc.

8. Will it be possible to stand outside the concert area?
The concert area is fenced.  It will not be possible to stand directly next to the fence, but everyone is welcome to take a place behind the moat, on Podwale street.

9. Where will I find the merchandise stands? What kind of merchandise will be available?
T-shirts (PLN 90), CDs—sold exclusively by the sellers authorised by the agency; the stands will be located in the concert area as well as outside the fence. The posters (PLN 10) are available at the BARBARA Infopoint (Świdnicka 8c) or on-line at:

10. Will there be an on-line live stream? If so, on which website?
The concert will be broadcast exclusively by the television. Part I approx. 9:45 p.m. on TVP 2 channel, part II – on TVP Rozrywka channel.

11. Will the concert be published on the DVD and will it be available on sale?
It is possible that the concert will be available on DVD. If so, we will inform on that matter.

12. Will I be allowed to enter with a baby carried in a shawl-carrier without the ticket for the baby?
It will not be possible. The concert area may be entered only by the people with a valid ticket, regardless of their age.

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