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Dominik Lejman / In Passing

In countless impersonal neighbourhoods we walk past each other on a daily basis. Without ever interacting or taking a moment to think about the people we pass. We reduce our encounters with them to such trivia as arguing about a parking space. Can a change of optics, perspective on the local community — as if to be seen from the sky — affect the way we build our communities? The ‘In Passing’ project used visual recordings of people strolling around or passing each other around Krynicka Street. The films of scattered silhouettes were recorded all throughout the day. Then — at night — they met in negative projections, filling the space of the lawn in front of the block housing. With the help of the residents of two apartments and the use of their balconies, three sitespecific projections merged the strollers of Gaj into one performance. The balconies and windows of buildings that served as projection screens created a perfect theatre-auditorium, which enabled the residents to look — in a distant

and abstract way — at their own everyday rituals. Over the next couple of evenings the number of silhouettes ‘in passing’ kept increasing, eventually leading up to a spectacular finish — a total ‘meeting’ of the images during the last night of projections on the 19th of November 2015.

Place: Krynicka street 54 - 80



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