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ECoC 2016: a celebration of theatre and the success of the Theatre Olympics

After music and architecture, we would like to remind you of the success of the theatre section of the European Capital of Culture 2016 programme. It is worth noting that the year was not marked only by the outstanding Theatre Olympics – countless other events, projects and festivals such as Unfinished Palace, Academy of Theatre,  Lower Silesian Theatre Platform, More than Theatre, Circulation Festival, Drama Festival and Zones of Contact 2016 took place in the city last year and made Wrocław not only the capital of European culture, but also theatre. 

“Let us experience it once again” with the theatre curator, Jarosław Fret. 


"In the programme book presenting the theatrical projects of ECoC Wrocław 2016 I took the liberty of presenting my credo. I believe in the medium of theatre and that “from theatre stages we still hear the most emphatically stated questions about a multicultural European identity, tolerance and a shared vision of a sustainable open society. That today, as when it was being born, the theatre becomes a space for a dynamic description of the equally dynamic changes in the modus of our lives. And that in this description, which involves the entire human being, the theatre errs far less than other media. I believe in a theatre that, by describing humankind in action, continually re-creates humankind. In this sense, it remains the foundation for our self-understanding and the cornerstone of democracy. The skene still not only supports the city agora but deepens it and brings to the domain of an image of a recorded and understood world”.

Such credo, brought to the field of cooperation between many people of theatre in our city and Lower Silesia, created a wave of projects that carried theatre with all of its kinds and genres. A lot of “education for theatre and through theatre” projects began long before 2016 - it was no surprise that the first half of the year of the European Capital of Culture was dominated by educational projects.

Over five thousand participants devoted many weeks to take part in the total of a dozen or so educational programmes that very often lasted for a few months. It is the unique characteristic of theatrical projects - not superficiality, but depth and dedication. Festivals, festive meetings, and special - historical - events dominated the map of the second part of the year. Prominently among them was the Theatre Olympics - the greatest theatre festival in history, not only of Wrocław but of Poland, which brought presentations of 159 unique events from 18 countries, including 81 plays (137 performances and reruns), 7 remixes, 19 meetings, 7 debates, 2 lectures, 1 conformance, 4 concerts, 14 films, 2 rituals, 7 exhibitions and 11 workshops.

Jarosław Fret - Curator of theatre

Completed projects: 50
Unique theatre events: 2000


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Maskarada Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_44 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_33 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_45 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_50 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_54 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_63 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_142 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_149 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_150 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_153 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_157 Matka_Courage_krzyczy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_01 Matka_Courage_krzyczy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_10 Matka_Courage_krzyczy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_18 Matka_Courage_krzyczy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_28 Matka_Courage_krzyczy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_56 Medee_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_01 Medee_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_02 Medee_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_03 Medee_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_04 Michal_Zadara_Dziady_publicznosc_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_01 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_08 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_14 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_28 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_31 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_41 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_47 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_57 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_61 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_73 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_84 Ostatnia_tasma_Krappa_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_86 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_01 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_02 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_03 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_07 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_13 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_21 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_22 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_30 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_31 Pole_bitwy_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_38 Trojanki_fot_Tobiasz_Papuczys_01 Tadashi_Suzuki_Trojanki_publicznosc_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_03 Trojanki_fot_Tobiasz_Papuczys_02 Trojanki_fot_Tobiasz_Papuczys_14 Trojanki_fot_Tobiasz_Papuczys_15 Trojanki_fot_Tobiasz_Papuczys_19 Trojanki_fot_Tobiasz_Papuczys_27 Trojanki_fot_Tobiasz_Papuczys_29 Zycie_miedzy_niebem_a_ziemia_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_01 Zycie_miedzy_niebem_a_ziemia_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_13 Zycie_miedzy_niebem_a_ziemia_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_20 Zycie_miedzy_niebem_a_ziemia_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_27 Zycie_miedzy_niebem_a_ziemia_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_90 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_05 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_08 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_10 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_18 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_19 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_24 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_29 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_32 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_44 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_68 Amor_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_62 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_01 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_03 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_05 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_12 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_17 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_23 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_27 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_30 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_34 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_37 Klacze_remiks_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_42 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_02 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_11 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_13 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_15 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_27 Maskarada_fot_Maciej_Zakrzewski_31


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