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ECoC 2016 Social Congress: “Culture of values – value of culture”

On November 25-27, ECoC 2016 Social Congress: “Culture of values – value of culture” will take place in Wrocław. During the event, the representatives of intellectual elites from Poland and around the world will make an attempt at diagnosing the current civilisational situation and consider the directions of its development. Their reflections will be mostly focused on Poland, but in a broad geopolitical, cultural and religious context it will also encompass Europe and the world.

In 2016, we are celebrating the 1050th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland – an event that for centuries shaped the civilisational, cultural and religious identity of our country. The current situation of Poland, Europe and the world brings us up against the question of our identity in the context of these rapid civilisational transformations.

The Congress will be devoted to finding an answer to the challenges posed by our times in the context of specific problem. What is our (Polish) identity? Is it fluid? What is it made up of? What civilisation do we belong to? Does the Christian civilisation still exist? Should we count ourselves among the East or the West?

Among the speakers, featured during the Congress are Andrzej ZollKrzysztof ZanussiMarek JurekIgor JankeGrzegorz GórnyKazimierz M. UjazdowskiAndrzej Horubała, as well as our foreign guests, including Attila SzalaiGerard van den AardwegCsaba KissPablo Pérez-LópezJohn Waters

The participation in the Congress is free. 

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