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Eduardo Chillida. Brzmienia (The Sounds)

January 15  –  March 13 2016
Place: Awangarda BWA Wrocław, ul. Wita Stwosza 32

In 2016, ESK Wroclaw pays tribute to sculpture Eduardo Chillida, one of the most important Spanish artists of the twentieth century, who was born in San Sebastian – a city that together with Wroclaw shares the title of the European Capital of Culture.

This event is a special and unique gesture from Poles that express their recognition of the Spanish artist and formulate a dialogue with their partner city of ESK 2016.
The exhibition titled „Eduardo Chillida. Brzmienia” represents over 40 artworks by the Basque artist from various periods of his artistic life.  The title “sounds “ that emanate  from the Chillda’s sculptures will be recreated  by the sound installations made by Gorki Aldy  as well as by  a cycle of musical works of  José Maríi Sánchez-Verdú, all of which have been especially prepared for this exhibition.Although in the past the issue of music influence on Eduardo Chillidy’s artwork was repeatedly emphasized, no one  ever attempted to realize the sound aspect of the artwork itself  and other possible inspirations for contemporary artists.  The  exhibition “Eduardo Chillida. Brzmienia” curated by Inés R. Artola (Phd of Fine Arts and Musicology) and  Ignacio Chillida (Director of Museo Chillida Leku, the artist’s son), will have become an exceptional event rather than just another traditional exhibition. In the space of the gallery of  BWA Awangarda ,  Studio Matosek Niezgoda  will create an intimate,  frugal path,  with favorable  settings  for individual discoveries, contemplation and listening to surrounding sounds.   In the same exhibition space, the sound installation made by Gorki Aldy (composer, who devoted a great deal of interest in acoustic aspect of Chillidy’s artwork) will recreate a sonic aura surrounding the sculptures. José María Sánchez-Verdú is one of the world renowned  Spanish composers, whose esthetic and dramatic concepts show close association with Chillidy’s artwork, will compose a cycle of musical  works at the closing ceremony of the exhibition. The music will be performed in the same exhibition area by one of the best soloists  Iñaki Alberdi (soloist-accordionist) and  saxophone quartet - Sigma Project. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalog that consists of first research papers by historians and musicologists, such as Germán Gan Quesada i Pedro Ordóñez Eslava, that elaborate on musical aspects of the artwork by the master form San Sebastian. 
Curators: Inés R. Artola, Ignacio Chillida
Organizor: Europejska Stolica Kultury Wrocław 2016                                                                                                                                     Co-organizor: BWA Wrocław – Galerie Sztuki Współczesnej, Fundación Eduardo Chillida – Pilar Belzunce  Entrance fee

The opening Concert of the exhibition  „ Eduardo Chillida. Brzmienia (Sounds)”
11 March 2016
Awangarda BWA Wrocław, ul. Wita Stwosza 32
Free Entrance


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