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European Capital of Culture Housing Estate Nowe Żerniki

Architects working together with the city of Wroclaw initiated a unique project of an estate made for the needs of a contemporary citizen. It is an beginning of a long-term and repeatable process. The estate was designed using the workshop method, which allows for an analysis, debate and the use of participants’ experiences. The workshops, which lasted for several years, were accompanied by lectures by theoreticians from many domains, as well as public consultations with inhabitants of nearby areas. The idea was to create a total and coherent housing estate equipped with a set of services to fulfil all the inhabitants’ needs: from a service and commercial base, public space, private space, to a community centre

and school. Adjusting space for the needs of particular users is done through housing cooperatives. The project is to become a model housing estate, open to individual demands pf the inhabitants and making their life easier.





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