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European Capital of Culture Publication Series

A series of books within the framework of the literary programme, which will fill gaps on the book market. Prepared on the highest editorial and graphic level by an editorial team with extensive experience, often in several language versions, they will be published in the years 2015–2016. The first publication, entitled Street Art and Poetry of Wrocław has already been published – it juxtaposes murals from Wrocław streets and backyards with new poetry. This year, we will also publish an anthology of literary works by art brut artists as well as a selection of poetry and prose by young authors. In 2016, we will publish, among others, The Canon. Rhyming Polish Fairy Tales in the Languages of Minorities, presenting a selection of literature for the youngest in over a dozen language versions, an anthology of authors connected with the artistic literary magazine Helikopter and a
bibliography of translations of the works by Tadeusz Różewicz.



The series will be published in 2015–2016.



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