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2–10 April 2016

BodyConstutitution, practical seminar
Workshops, training sessions, performans and work demonstrations with acclaimed artists and masters of movement techniques who come from diverse bodywork traditions, including Tsuruzo Miyamoto Shihan and Piotr Masztalerz (aikido), Sathyanarayanan Govindan Kutty Nair (kalarippayattu), Mestre Cobra Mansa (capoeira), Richard Shusterman (somesthetics), Laurent Piemontesi (l’Art Du Déplacement), Daisuke Yoshimoto and the group of Tomoe Shizune & Hakutobo (butoh), Savvas Stroumpos (method of Theodoros Terzopoulos), Piotr Bursiewicz, Yves Lebreton, Jozef Frucek, Teatr ZAR, Studio Matejka, Studio Kalari, Two Paths Studio and Jubilo group.

14 – 24 April 2016
Na Grobli Studio

Underpinning VoicEncounters is the belief that the voice is a communication tool that can transcend language and cultural differences. We gather to reflect on the phenomenon of human voice and musicality and on how they are realised in music. The aim of VoicEncounters is to provide a rich space in which many different vocal cultures from around the world can be brought together under one roof.

Concert by Bente Kahan, Norway/Poland
Programme: ʻMy Voice is My Countryʼ

Tue 19 April 2016, 20:00
White Stork Synagogue, ul. Pawła Włodkowica 7
Admission: 30 PLN
tel. 71 34 45 320
All tickets booked in advance must be collected from our Office in Przejście Żelaźnicze by the date and time agreed at the time of booking.

Performance: 17 May 2016
at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Centre for Artistic Initiatives

Performance in Wrocław on 20 May 2016
at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Centre for Artistic Initiatives

Laboratory of Movement ECoC 2016 / Let the Artist [NOT] Die. Exchange


Performance in Wrocław 28 May 2016

at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Centre for Artistic Initiatives

Date: 29 May 2016
at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: National Forum of Music / Red Hall
Plac Wolności 1, Wroclaw
World premiere: December 2015, Tanzquartier Wien co-production.

Laboratory of Movement ECoC 2016 / Let the Artist [NOT] Die. Exchange

Zawirowania Dance Theater

Admission: 25 PLN
Tel. 71 34 45 320
All tickets booked in advance must be collected from our Office in Przejście Żelaźnicze by the date and time agreed at the time of booking.

Performance in Wrocław: 18 June 2016
at: 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Centre for Artistic Initiatives

cieLaroque/Helene Weinzierl

“Think Fish”

Conference with Grotowski’s artistic heir Thomas Richards

Sun 19 June 2016, 18:00
Na Grobli Studio
In English with simultaneous Polish translation

Admission free

Street Theatre Festival

11–14/08/2016 {Thursday-Sunday}
Main Square
Admission free

A festival of street theatre in its best, socially involved aspect. The presentation of the most interesting plays about the most painful turns in the contemporary history of Europe.

directed by Stephan Stroux

Performance, exhibits, installations, concerts
August 31 – September 10
Świebodzki Train Station

6 September, 8:00 p.m.
Episode 8 – "Life creates jokes" (Stand-Up)

9 September, 8:00 p.m.
Episode 9 – "Silesian stand-up scene" (Stand-Up)

Main Section
14 October – 13 November 2016

Among the artists invited to present their work as part of the Main Section are: Eugenio Barba, Peter Brook, Romeo Castellucci, Pippo Delbono, Jan Fabre, Walerij Fokin, Heiner Goebbels, Liu Libin, Krystian Lupa, Eimuntas Nekrošius, Tadashi Suzuki, Theodoros Terzopoulos and Robert Wilson, who will bring both their acclaimed work as well as premiere performances and co-productions created especially for the European Capital of Culture.

15–19 October 2016
The Theatre Olympics will start with the celebration of theatre in Wrocław and Lower Silesia, with its boundless variety of genres. Over the course of five days - starting from the 15th of October - all stages and venues of Wrocław will host 37 plays from Bielawa, Legnica, Wałbrzych, Dzierżoniów, Jelenia Góra and Wrocław. The programme will feature propositions for children and adults, repertoire plays and productions by independent theatres. There will also be no shortage of circus shows, open-air performances and music projects. The presentations will be arranged in several programmes. The price of a pass is 20.16 PLN.

15 October – 11 November 2016

During the Olympics, we will also see artists connected with the Grotowski Institute: The Dramatic Theatre from Warsaw will present the Happy Days featuring Maja Komorowska and Adam Ferency, Alexandra Kazazou will come to Wrocław with Insenso, a play devoted to Melina Mercouri, we will also see an adaptation of Lear by Roberto Bacci and the Muzzle of Silence by the Iranian group Aftab.

27 October – 4 November 2016

The Dziady Recycling Festival
(27 October - 4 November) refers to the sources of Polish theatre and covers the presentation of Forefathers’ Eve by Mickiewicz, as well as remixes of historical fulfilments (from Grotowski and Białoszewski, through Dejmek and Swiniarski, to Konwicki).

Eastern Line

7-13 November 2016

Eastern Line (7–13 November) comprises presentations of young, independent theatre from Eastern and Central Europe, taking into consideration the diversity of the language of the theatre, presented by the groups. Eastern Line is a festival, which builds upon the idea of the Third Theatre, criticising the institutional theatre, as well as the past avant-garde. It is a way to defend the theatre culture from show-oriented culture.

22-27 October 2016
The section will focus on artistic and social problems connected with art, faced by persons with disabilities, with special focus being placed on theatre and performing arts. The plays will be presented by: Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche (France), 21 Theatre, CHOREA Theatre, Rafał Urbacki and Anu Czerwiński (Poland), Monster Truck (Germany), VerTeDance and Archa (Czech Republic).

The Olympics will be closed with a review of performances which premiered in repertory theatres in the last season. The review will have a form of a dynamic festival organized together with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Polish Theatre Showcase will become a place for presentations of works by directors of middle and young generation whose creations are the source of the unique power and condition of Polish theatre.

The aim of the four-year project of Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny is the presentation of Wrocław as place of creation and staging of works of contemporary Polish playwrights – Helmut Kajzar, Tymoteusz Karpowicz and Tadeusz Różewicz, and their followers. The festival will consist of two parts. The first will be a presentation of premieres of selected works sent for a closed drama competition, and the second – stage adaptations of works by Kajzar, Karpowicz and Różewicz.

The programme encompasses five projects: 1. Cities on the Move – educational theatre workshops of pantomime organized in 5 selected towns. 2. Action: Education – the finale of workshops for three age groups (presentation of a joint short theatre play). 3. Publications for the 60th anniversary of Wrocław Pantomime Theatre (a children’s book and an anniversary picture album). 4. A festival/review of the Theatre performances prepared for the 60th Anniversary. 5. New Pantomime Horizons –activities accompanying the T-Mobile New Horizons Festival in 2016. 

The oldest monodrama festival organized since 1966. It is a confrontation of the best Polish solo performances with theatres from various parts of the world. 2016 will be the 50th anniversary of the festival. We want to show the most important laureates from previous years, organize an international meeting of solo performance theatres and a photography exhibition Actors and Performances of WROSTJA [Solo Performance Theatre Meeting in Wrocław]. The main motif of this edition will be cooperation between Poland and Ukraine.

The idea behind this project of Ad Spectatores theatre is dramatizing with sound the story of Wrocław, where Great General History merges with local and private one. The performances – among them the story of Jerzy Grotowski’s theatre – are produced using an innovative spatial sound technique combined with video projections. The Hemophilia project is an attempt to reconstruct on stage the most dramatic elements in the history of Europe, including the first world war.

Theatre in Backyards, organized by The Helena Modrzejewska Theatre from Legnica, will be a series of stage events linked by shared references to local atmosphere of Lower Silesian backyards, their history and cultural variety. The activities will aim at creating a unique place in the microcosm of the backyard, uniting the neighbouring community. Four “backyard performances” will travel around the region. The premieres will take place in Wrocław, Legnica, Bystrzyca Kłodzka and Gryfów Śląski.

A joint endeavour of two countries: Poland and Iran, created for young people. Using the possibilities of the film medium (a departure point for the project will be a film prepared by young people participating in an Iranian film review) to build a dialogue between different cultures, paying attention to differences and similarities, as well as acquainting the participants with Polish and foreign cinema and literature. The aim of this project organized by Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego is to encourage to creatively use the cultural heritage and build a community of young people working in groups, who will create their own film and theatre works

 festival based on workshops, which allows the participants to experience the contemporary forms of work with the body and movement expression. It is organized by Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Twórczych „Momentum” and it creates an opportunity to deepen the awareness and skill in dance and movement for integration and mutual inspiration between various environments: professional dancers and amateurs, people of various ages and with different experiences of working with the body.


April – May 2016

A project addressed at schools which search for new forms of puppetry, an alternative for traditional puppet animation, also using new technologies. The programme will be filled with presentations of performances, as well as discussions, concerts, exhibitions and debates. 

A project devised for graduates of Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Teatralna, implemented in cooperation with Foundation for Performing and Visual Arts. The aim is financial and programme support for young actors and directors who would like to implement their own theatre, social and educational projects, but have no funds or space for it. The programme will provide beginner artists who face their first professional challenges with formal and organizational support as well as methodological care, developing for example the skills in writing projects and grant applications.

As part of the Masters in Residence programme at the Grotowski Institute, Odin Teatret will work on their new performance in Wrocław. The first phase of the work, The Collective Mind, will be a series of rehearsals conducted by Eugenio Barba for an international audience of observers. The premiere of the Flying performance will take place during the Theatre Olympics. Since 2010, the Grotowski Institute has been hosting many masters of world theatre, including Peter Brook, Theodoros Terzopoulos, Eugenio Barba, and was coproducer of their performances. 

The Świebodzki railway station, a place linked with the biggest migration of the last 200 years, will become a space for artistic discussion about migrations, moving borders, people’s longings and European identity. Over 30 artists working in film, music, photography, theatre and installation together with seven writers from seven European countries will appear at the station. The original project by Stephan Stroux will be continued in six other European cities, including Istanbul, Berlin and Lisbon.

A series of research and artistic publications of an international range, presenting Polish and international approaches to theatre, drama and performance studies. It includes the magazine Polish Theatre Perspectives as well as audiovisual and book publications. As part of the series, various texts by researchers and practitioners of theatre are published. The goal is to make Polish theatre culture available and to enter it into a dialogue with critical and creative practices from other areas of the world. 


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