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Three days of the Opening Weekend (15-17 January) with almost one hundred cultural events will inaugurate the celebration of Wrocław’s term as the European Capital of Culture. Tens of thousands will take part in the Sunday finale, the “Awakening”, one of the most numerous and spectacular parades in the history of the city.


11 June 2016

“With the stroke of a pen at the Potsdam Conference following the Allied victory in 1945, Breslau, the largest German city east of Berlin, became the Polish city of Wroclaw. Its more than six hundred thousand inhabitants - almost all of them ethnic Germans - were expelled and replaced by Polish settlers from all parts of prewar Poland.”

Gregor Thum, Uprooted.

17 December
Centennial Hall

The closing ceremony of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, in which 18 000 people will be able to participate. The performance will feature artists from Germany, France, Israel, Czechia, Sweden and Great Britain.

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