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Forum Musicum 2016

18–28 August 2016
St John the Baptist Cathedral, University Church, Town Hall, National Museum in Wrocław, Aula Leopoldina, Oratorium Marianum

The festival is devoted to early music, played using historical instruments, promoting the musical heritage of Wrocław. 

Speech was the source from which music evolved. Music has inherited many aspects of speech—ways to operate time, dynamics, articulation and timbre becoming a new and independent language which was subject to the same rules as the speech. This definition was created by Nicolo Vincentino in his L’antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica (1555), calling it “musica recitata”. 

This year’s edition of the Forum Musicum 2016 will use various instalments to present various eras and to show how music learns from speech how to tell stories and express feelings.

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Artistic Director: Tomasz Dobrzański
Organiser: National Forum of Music
Paid admission.


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