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Laboratory of Movement ECoC 2016 | Catwalk

Laboratory of Movement ECoC 2016 / Let the Artist [NOT] Die. Exchange

Zawirowania Dance Theater

Choreography: Karolina Kroczak
Dancers: Elwira Piorun, Szymon Osiński
Music: Greg Haines, Bonnie Tyler, Byetone, Bryan Adams, Black

Performance in Wrocław: 12 June 2016
at: 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Centre for Artistic Initiatives

“A mutual training” (a fragment of a review of the “Catwalk” performance at the Kaleidoscope Festival in Białystok by Monika Żmijewska)
“Catwalk”, a performance by Zawirowania Dance Theatre with choreography by Karolina Kroczak, was quite funny. A duet of exceptional dancers led the audience through life, interpersonal relations, relationships with partners full of addictions and mutual training. Using various dance concepts – dance stylised into gestures presented on a catwalk – they showed something that is invisible in everyday life, something that is present among two people – a network of addictions, dependencies, gestures, tricks and ruses.”

The Zawirowania Dance Theatre was founded in 2004 under auspices of Scena Współczesna Foundation [Contemporary Stage Foundation]. Zawirowania was founded by Włodzimierz Kaczkowski, and Elwira Piorun, a former soloist in the Grand Theatre, was an artistic director. Currently, the core of the Dance Theatre comprises: Elwira Piorun, Karolina Kroczak, Bartosz Figurski and Szymon Osiński. Since the very beginning of their existence, the Zawirowania Dance Theatre has not only actively participated in culture-creating processes in the country, but they have also presented their performances at festivals around the world, from our European neighbours, to Asia, Africa and both Americas.

The programme is carried out in collaboration with ECoC 2016, Dance and Music Institute, Department of Culture of Wrocław Municipal Office
ECoC 2016 Curator of the Laboratory of Movement – Adam Kamiński 
Curators of the project: Let the Artist [NOT] Die. Exchange – Anna Królica, Roma Hurey, Adam Kamiński

Coordination in the CAI – Ewa Staroń

Co-organiser of the programme: National Forum of Music

Realisation of performances, discussion panels and workshops was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of: INTPA – INTERNATIONAL NET FOR DANCE AND PERFORMANCE AUSTRIA – Tanzquartier Wien, BKA and BMEIA“

Patronage: Austrian Cultural Forum, Institute of Music and Dance, Austrian Institute in Wrocław, Consulate of the Republic of Austria


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