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Laboratory of Movement ECoC 2016 | Leonie Wahl

Performance: 17 May 2016
at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Centre for Artistic Initiatives

Performance by Leonie Wahl Compensation Idem.




A pure being, catapulted in its nudity and freed from its origins finds itself in a limited space.

In a place where its means are limited, it fights with human memory and experiences limitations of emotions and corporeality. 

It is assigned an artificially produced identity:

The identity of an alien, a reflection of fears of others.

It is a projection of evil, danger, threat. 

It is isolated from those equal to it... But who are they? 

The being chooses a bumpy path, with obstacles and remains of humanity, and thus adapts to the circumstances, contents itself with what is given and discovers its own strategies.

Isolated from the others, it experiences its own longings, in movement it finds a way to cross borders, a place of direct and general speech, all on its own, and yet equal to others. 

Equal to others in its instinctive rawness, in the experience of its own corporeality.

It gets under the wheels, and yet it is playful and happy.

It laughs, it gets sad, afraid, experiences sensuality, sits down, rebels in the search for sense and answers. 

Leonie Wahl, born in 1977 in Olten, Switzerland, lives and works as a dancer and performer in Vienna since 2001. She graduated from the Department of Performance at the Dance Academie in Rotterdam. She gathered her first professional experiences from “Leine & Roebana” in “Cantus Firmus” in the Netherlands.

From 2001 to 2015 she worked with Tanz Company Gervasi and participated in the majority of Elio Gervasi’s projects. In 2012 she founded orgAnic, with which she created productions such as WITHIN WASTE and IDEM. As a dancer she cooperated with choreographers such as Leine & Roebana and Milli Bitterli, as well as directors: Hans Peter Horner and Michael Scheidl. Currently she is participating in DANS.KIAS by Saskia Hölbling and is preparing for a project based on her own choreography, titled “Void”.



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