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Laboratory of Movement ECoC 2016 | Pink Mama Theatre

Laboratory of Movement ECoC 2016 / Let the Artist [NOT] Die. Exchange


Performance in Wrocław 28 May 2016

at 7:00 p.m.
Venue: Centre for Artistic Initiatives

Pink Mama Theatre
Featuring: Sławek Bendrat
dramaturgy: Domink Krawiecki
solo – La Femme De Service

The art by Tadeusz Kantor left a lasting mark on me, when I saw the recordings of Cricot 2 Theatre for the first time. It was over 15 years ago and I was captivated by this reality, which seemed to be governed by its own rules, and the oneiric atmosphere, built out of sequences of unreal images made me realise that art is truly limitless.

In my artistic activities, I always try to find a common code, in which all the artists could communicate seamlessly on stage. The language of movements, which is created through my performances is a consequence of my fascination with Kantor’s art. The solo work, which I would like to prepare, refers to the issues presented in The Dead Class, in which the protagonists return to their childhood in order to once again see the images that confused them.
The creation that I made here was inspired by one of Kantor’s characters. In his play, this character serves only as a kind of an intermezzo between scenes, whose goal is to introduce and maintain order and prepare the stage for upcoming events. So I decided to focus on the story of this one character.
We see the world of la femme de service. A house or a castle full of dust and memories. The time seems to be frozen, but she – la femme de service – remains on duty. Only some traces are left of the Dead Class – fragments, body parts, remains... La femme de service finds a disembodied head and children’s toys. She tries to bring them back to life – unsuccessfully. It seems that all the souls left long ago and are already far away, and only her soul cannot free itself and leave the house of memories.
Performance: 29 May 2016

Pink Mama Theatre
“Zielonooki” [Green-Eyed Man] Performance
choreography: Sławek Bendrat
Directed by: Domink Krawiecki

Featuring: Valentin Markus Oppermann / Switzerland/
Music: C. Debusssy, “Prèlude à l'après-midi d'un faune”

Valentin Markus Oppermann, was born and raised in Alsace. He studied ballet at the John Cranko school in Stuttgart, and then in Mannheim and Codarts, Rotterdam. In 2014 he worked for Konzert Theater Bern in Switzerland, since 2015 he has been working with Pink Mama Theatre


ja_gruby [i_fat] performance

Featuring: Piotr Mateusz Wach


Piotr Mateusz Wach– actor, dancer, performer. Graduated from the Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Krakow, Dance Theatre Department in Bytom and Lart Studio in Krakow. Winner of the Golden Mask for choreography – a prestigious award given by the Silesian Voivodeship Marshal. Wach also represented Poland in SoloDuo 2015 Competition in Budapest. He was born in Kielce, 25 years ago. In 2013 he participated in Transdyptyk [Transdiptych], a diploma performance directed by Anna Piotrowska, and played the leading role in As You Like It, a diploma play directed by Brian Michaels. He works with little:interference, a Polish-German collective with whom he created performances and plays, including Heimsuchung/Visitation (2012), Operculum (2013) and Jetzt|Now (2014). He also assisted Błażej Peszek in his diploma play, Superbohaterów 10/9 (2015).

Currently the artist is working on his solo career. In the last three years he created the Body Triptych: three solo plays / performances in which he makes an attempt to iconise the body in the cultural and social context. Święto Wiosny / Spring Celebration, created in collaboration with Helena Jonsdottir (2015) is the closing part of the triptych. Another one of his plays, Ryszard. Ciało z gniewu [Richard. A body of anger], which premiered during the 19th Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk won the Golden Skull for the best OFF Stream performance. He is a very active performance artist. He presented shaved.01 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (2012) and Horse Riding, created in cooperation with Jozef Fruck in 2013. Ja_gruby, presented in February 2014, raising the issues of the ideals and modern canons of beauty was noticed and appreciated, and its presentation during the Pro_Contra Festival in Szczecin sparked a heated discussion about body image.


The programme is carried out in collaboration with ECoC 2016, Dance and Music Institute, Department of Culture of Wrocław Municipal Office
ECoC 2016 Curator of the Laboratory of Movement – Adam Kamiński 
Curators of the project: Let the Artist [NOT] Die. Exchange – Roma Hurey, Adam Kamiński

Patronage: Austrian Cultural Forum, Institute of Music and Dance


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