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Leo Festival

National Forum of Music / Narodowe Forum Muzyki, Capitol Theatre / Teatr Muzyczny Capitol

It is the 8th edition of a festival celebrating the diversity of various art forms, culture, new concert venues, audiences and perspectives, based on working together with children. In 2016, a children’s opera will be composed specially for the festival, we would also like to invite all DANCE LOVERS for a choreography programme created by Rose Breuss to Beethoven’s music from Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus.

One of the main purposes of the Leo Festival since its conception is bringing people together.

In the year when the city holds the title of the European Capital of Culture that perspective is even more pronounced. Wrocław is an artistic centre. Its history hints at cultural influences from all over Europe, which combined and intertwined over the centuries and made it a place which cannot be confused with any other—a city which makes us proud.

The 8th edition of the festival will host a number of sportsmen, dancers, and musicians, with the major focus on music and sport. Both disciplines share one requirement—training and exercise, both are also similar from the mental standpoint—sportsmen and musicians alike try to find a way to exploit their potential to the fullest.

During the concert titled Festival du corps we present multiple aspects and facets of this relationship, also in a humorous way. Dancing and ballet seems to be the most refined combination of sports training and music, therefore after listening to Stravinsky’s Apollo, we are going to see Beethoven’s The Creatures of Prometheus with captivating choreography created by Rose Breuss.

One of the most important aspects of the Leo Festival is working with children. This year we are going to prepare a new children’s opera, which will be performed by the young artists. They will be, of course, accompanied by NFM Leopoldinum, the orchestra which supports the activities of the youngest musicians with exceptional enthusiasm and patience. For children, the ability to work with professional musicians is a great motivation. The same enthusiasm is shared by Małgorzata Podzielny who will be responsible for preparing the young soloists and choir. Grażyna Wolszczak will be the narrator of the opera.

The finale concert will bring two string orchestras—Leopoldinum and Sinfonietta Cracovia—together. By doing that, we will create an opportunity for the sounds to combine and look for contrasts between tones and gestures. The festival will come to an end to the sounds of Frank Martin’s Polyptique with the exceptional Austrian violinist Benjamin Schmidt playing the solo part, and Bartók’s Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta.

Come and join us at the 8th Leo Festival!

Ernst Kovacic
Artistic Director and Conductor of the Leo Festival
Organiser: National Forum of Music / Narodowe Forum Muzyki
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