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Let’s visit Wrocław, the city of Piast. Tadeusz Ciałowicz

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Publication is available from January 2016 till the stock last


What is Wroclaw’s poster ?

Point of sale t: Barbara, Świdnicka 8c, zamówienia internetowe Fundacji 102


What is Wroclaw’s poster?  How the shop’s interiors look right after the war ?

Why production of neon signs was complicated, and why the new patterns of furniture did not get any attention from the industry?

This unknown history of Wroclaw’s design is described in hundreds of photos and drawings from the archive of Tadeusz Ciałowicz.

This monography describes the life style of the artistic circles from time of the centrally planned economy and shows Wroclaw from the late forties up to the nineties of XIX , from the designer’s perspective.


Published by : Europejska Stolica Kultury Wrocław 2016 and Fundacja 102



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