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Lissa. Stories from the Backyard

Leśnica is a suburb of Wrocław located far from the city centre, only recently included as part of the city of Wrocław. It has still retained most of the architectural distribution of a small, charming town. Unfortunately, one of the main routes into the city passes right through it. Every day, in between the colourful low houses and an impressive castle dozens of cars and trucks struggle to make their way through. In Wrocław, everyone knows about Leśnica. They know that it boasts a castle there as well as an enormous park. They also know about the traffic jams and poor communication with Wrocław's city centre. Agnieszka Kłos (a Leśnica native) together with Daniel Brożek decided to explore the identity of this part of town by exploring local, ‘backyard’ stories. They wanted to hear about Leśnica, but also to show it from a completely different perspective, so that the story could be told by its residents. Not only with the help of words, but also sounds that could better reflect the place and its atmosphere. The process of collecting residents' stories took place in the form of two workshops on the implementation of audio-plays and field recordings. Throughout the course of these meetings, recordings of unknown or forgotten stories from Leśnica's backyards were made. The recordings were then placed in a listening station mounted on the terrace of the Zamek Cultural Centre.

They will serve as invitations and guides to the places they describe. For Leśnica residents it was not only an opportunity to invite visitors and to learn about the region's less-travelled nooks, but also to explore field recording techniques, different ways of working with text and narrative script as well as to learn how to direct audio dramas. The first phase of the workshop was prepared by the Research Laboratory of Soundscape led by PhD Robert Łosiak at the Institute of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław. During the second part of the workshop writer and art critic Agnieszka Kłos developed — together with the participants — scripts and recordings for radio plays that tell the stories of selected Leśnica backyards. The whole project was coordinated by Daniel Brożek.

Place: Leśnica, Centrum Kultury Zamek



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