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Lower Silesian Theatre Platform

15–19 October 2016
The Theatre Olympics will start with the celebration of theatre in Wrocław and Lower Silesia, with its boundless variety of genres. Over the course of five days - starting from the 15th of October - all stages and venues of Wrocław will host 37 plays from Bielawa, Legnica, Wałbrzych, Dzierżoniów, Jelenia Góra and Wrocław. The programme will feature propositions for children and adults, repertoire plays and productions by independent theatres. There will also be no shortage of circus shows, open-air performances and music projects. The presentations will be arranged in several programmes. The price of a pass is 20.16 PLN.

The programme of the Lower Silesian Theatre Platform will comprise of presentations for all theatre genres and domains from the region. The Theatre Olympics became a catalyst for an undertaking which has been discussed for over a decade - the broadest presentation of theatre life in Lower Silesia without any aesthetic boundaries and obligations, presentation of a current, self-determining grassroots initiative and a true celebration of theatre.

The Lower Silesian Platform of the ECoC Wrocław 2016, is constituted of 37 theatrical plays by dramatic, musical and children’s theatres, as well as a theatre of movement and pantomime, classical forms and experimental performances. The only “curator’s” obligation, which arose during the creation of the programme was the creation of various sections, or paths – special festival passes at a price of 20.16 PLN each, leading the audience through the variety of proposals, or the “labyrinth of theatre”, as Stanisław Wyspiański described it long ago.

The Platform has prepared over 3000 tickets for audiences divided into six paths. The general principle is to follow the chosen path, which clashes various plays, selected in a non-obvious way, in order to refresh the perception of all participants.

First and foremost, the theatre was always speaking about ourselves. Despite using ancient texts, a mask, a modern adaptation, an archaic gesture or a fashionable solution, it will always be about ourselves, which is why the Lower Silesian Theatre Platform is the perfect way to begin the Theatre Olympics - the great celebration of theatre in Wrocław, about Wrocław.

Jarosław Fret
Partner: Polish Theatre in Wrocław


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