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Melting Pot Made in Wrocław Lab no. 9 – Grand Finale

27-30 April 2016
National Forum of Music / Narodowe Forum Muzyki

The project is based on the idea of an interdisciplinary laboratory (jazz, improvised music, audio-visual arts, performance) for artists from Wrocław and representative of partner festivals from Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Luxembourg, Denmark and Ireland.

Poland | Jazztopad
Piotr Damasiewicz – trumpet, curator
Michał Sember – guitar
Gerard Lebik – saxophone, electronica
Mateusz Rybicki– clarinet
Adam Webster – cello
Jakub Miarczyński – drums
Władysław Kosendiak – saxophone
Belgium | Handelbeurs Conzertzaal
Karen Willems – drums
Heelen Van Haegenborgh – piano
Laurens van Bouwelen – drums
Stijn Dickel– guitar
Ruben Machtelinckx – guitar

Germany | JazzWerkRuhr
Felix Fritsche – saxophone
Julius Gabriel – saxophone, clarinet
Fabian Jung – drums
Achim Zepezauer – electronica
Caspar van Meell – upright bass
André Meisner– saxophone
Florian Walter – saxophone
Marie Daniels – vocalist

Luxembourg | Music LX
Michel Reis – piano

Estonia | Eesti Jazzliit
Laura Remmel – vocalist
Mart Soo – guitar, electronica

Ireland | Improvised Music Company
Shane Latimer – guitar

Piotr Damasiewicz – Composition for 26 improvisers (PREMIERE)

Tickets for the concert are available online (H E R E) as well as at the National Forum of Music / Narodowe Forum Muzyki box office.

VIP Room 80 PLN/VIP 60 PLN
1st category S 40 PLN/D 25 PLN
2nd category S 35 PLN/D 20 PLN
3rd category S 30 PLN / D 15 PLN

Find out more: H E R E


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