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microGRANTS ECoC 2016 is the Program for Co-organizing Projects, thanks to which everybody can implement their ideas for cultural, social and educative initiatives as part of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. The slogan ot the Programme is: ‘Spaces for Beauty’. It is, at the same time, the title of the application, which helped Wroclaw to receive the title of the European Capital of Culture 2016.

The project will follow a competition format, and it is possible to apply online. Artists from each field of art can propose their ideas this year, but their artistic means of expression should be related to the slogan ‘Spaces for Beauty’.

Basic information about the Program for Co-organizing Projects ‘microGRANTS ECoC 2016’:

The main goal of the initiative is to invite active citizens of Wroclaw to contribute to the program of ‘the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016’.

One can submit to the project any initiatives from any field of art and cultural activity. Especially, those which follow the principles of the slogan ‘Spaces for Beauty’.

Impart 2016 Festival Centre does not define what is ‘beauty’ – but recognises the freedom to characterise beauty as an overriding content, therefore, the Centre encourages searching for beauty in our lives and in all its spheres: intimate, private, public, social, natural and in cyberspace.

Each project can obtain financial support of up to 5000 zloty.

Who can apply: private individuals (adult), an informal group of people with an adult representative, non-governmental organisations, homeowners associations, social cooperatives, church institutions, and religious organisations.

People who are not inhabitants of Wroclaw can also submit project proposals – however, the projects must be performed in the city area of Wroclaw with the participation of its citizens.

Attention: the projects executed in cooperation with Impart 2016 Festival Centre, as part of the ‘microGRANTS ECoC 2016’, cannot be supported at the same time with funds from The Municipal Office of Wroclaw.

During each recruitment period only one application can be submitted. It is quite straightforward to submit an application online. It consists of 5 steps:
STEP 1: select the proper type of applicant
STEP 2: give your personal data
STEP 3: describe your idea – what do you want to do, why, for whom, where, how will you spend 5000 zloty, and what will be your input
STEP 4: accept the Terms and Conditions and allow for the processing of personal data (otherwise we will not be able to contact you)

An application which was eliminated in one recruitment period can still be submitted during a different recruitment period.

We accept only online applications through our website:

An external, independent jury will assess the applications. They will take into consideration mainly: the proposed subject and its justification; the proposed involvement of Wroclaw residents; the contribution of the applicant to the project; a reasonable estimate of expenditure; the appropriate targeting of funds to the recipients; and development potential. 

Information and contact:

Team of microGRANTS: Martyna Gach, Marta Kępa, Anna Pasternak, Natalia Mutor. 

Partners and sponsors

Thanks to them everything is possible!



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