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MoKaPP – Mobile Catalyst for Public Space

MoKaPP – Mobile Catalyst for Public Space
May - November 2016
Curators: Agata Gabiś, Karolina Jara, Michał Duda
Organiser: “Transformator” Foundation for Art Promotion

The goal of the project is culture-building stimulation of local communities. The travelling “activity base” is intended to motivate inhabitants to cooperation in the spheres of culture, information exchange and joint effort for the sake of grassroots initiatives aimed to improve the public space. 

Short-term activities to be conducted under the MoKaPP project are assumed to become nuclei of stimulation of local communities in Wrocław and Lower Silesia. The MoKaPP base throughout the year 2016 will be a moving Pavilion to be erected at several locations. The priority areas of activity to be chosen will be places situated in a certain distance from town centres, where inhabitants face difficulties in accessing the culture infrastructure. Within them, we will choose locations of high, yet unused community-building potential, such as yards among blocks of flats as well as nearby squares, greens or parks. The Pavilion will host events initiated by the Foundation, including workshops, educational classes, film screenings, meetings and exhibitions, conceived as a means to attract attention and provide grounds for fundamental activity, i.e. support to local residents, particularly in the scope of shared responsibility and participation in moulding of the public space.
The interesting architectural form of the Pavilion is assumed to attract the attention of potential visitors and showcase positive influence on the public space. The Pavilion has been devised as a flexible and multifunctional structure allowing for various activities to be performed, as proposed by the project coordinators as well as the inhabitants. It should comprise a closed internal room, roofed external space of attractive furnishing, basic sanitary facilities and storage space. Its technical infrastructure should enable organisation of educational workshops, limited-scope exhibitions, meetings, film screenings as well as small concerts.

Text by: “Transformator” Foundation for Art Promotion

The project is delivered as a part of the architecture programme of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, and it is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under administration of the National Forum of Music. The project is implemented in collaboration with the Impart 2016 Festival Office, being the organiser of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 celebration events.

Organiser:“Transformator” Foundation for Art Promotion
Co-organisers: Impart 2016 Festival Office, National Forum of Music
Co-funded by: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Strategic partner: KGHM Polska Miedź



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