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Music during the Lviv Month The sounds of East

As a part of the music programme, each April weekend will give us the opportunity to listen to contemporary music inspired by eastern sounds and melodies, composed in various regions of Ukraine and kept in miscellaneous styles. The stage of the event will host performers of several literary-and-musical projects, as well as theatrical-and-musical initiatives. We can expect electronic music, etno rock, and punk rock. Amongst the invited guests we will find such names as: Dakh DaughtersVivienne MortShatur- GudurShockolaDDagadana, Hycz Orkiestr, Atmasfera, and many, many other.


Muzyka w programie Wrocław-Lwów

The musical programme will incorporate unconventional forms of perceiving literature, such as the act from DRUMТИАТР, a hip-hop-and-electronic squad of Yuriy Izdryk—, the première show of Ulyana Horbachevska, Antonych is home, a peculiar combination of poetry, music, prose, and video-art , as well as the jubilee concert of Wrocław group Karbido celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of their first album with Yuriy.  The cherry on the top of literary proposals is Mariana Sadovska–Mark Tokar Project, i.e.  3 feminine vocals and 3 double basses composing a musical project inspired by the poetry of Serhiy Zhadan and Lyuba Yakymchuk. At the last April weekend, we will also add to the celebrations of International Jazz Day. Lviv Club and Café (Klubokawiarnia Lwowska) will stage the following Ukrainian jazz bands : Marinita & Amir Shahsar  (UA-IL-IR-AZ) / Kharkiv project; Usein Bekirov Band & Ivanka Chervinska (UA) / Crimea-and-Tatar project; Dzyga Jazz Quintet (UA) / the legend of Ukrainian jazz. The central meeting point during the LVIV MONTH is going to be the Lviv Club and Café Hourglass (Klubokawiarnia Lwowska Pod Klepsydrą), but the musicians will also the streets—look for them at the Lviv Alley.

Concerts at:
KLUBOKAWIARNIA LWOWSKA POD KLEPSYDRĄ (Lviv Club and Café “Hourglass”) / Klub Proza (“The Prose” Club), Przejście Garncarskie 2, Wrocław / Free entrance // 1–3/04/ 2016 // 8–10/04/2016 // 15–17/04/2016 // 22–24/04/2016 // 28/04 –1/05/2016 / 8:00 p.m.

POSŁUCHAJ UKRAIŃSKIE (Listen to Ukrayins’ki) / Stary Klasztor (The Old Monastery), Purkyniego 1, Wrocław / Tickets: 3-day entry card: PLN 35* and PLN 40**, Dakh Daughters: PLN 20 / 25, Mariana Sadovska & Christian Thomé: PLN 10 / 15, Gogodzy Gański: PLN 15 / 20 // 23–25/04/2016  /time: as given in the schedule/

MUSIC ON THE STREET. THE LVIV ALLEY (Muzyka na ulicy / Uliczka lwowska), Przejście Garncarskie 

Free entrance

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Muzyka w Miesiącu Lwowskim


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