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New Year's Eve concerts at the Market: Mr. Sylvester invites!

On Saturday, December 31 prepare for some extra time with culture, organised by Mr Wrocław New Year’s Eve on behalf of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016. The alias hides great artists connected with Wrocław, who will give a New Year’s Eve concert at the Main Market Square. “This year’s New Year’s Eve will be as close to Wrocław as it can possibly be”, teases Konrad Imiela, director of the event.

Join Mr Wrocław New Year’s Eve!
Two stages, ten local bands and great lighting effects. The Market Square will be turned into an enormous club space, enclosed on all four sides. From the north and south it will be limited by two concert stages, on the east by Town Hall wall, and on the west by a row of townhouses. On the stages, we will watch 30-minute concerts, alternating between the two of them. The stage on the Pigeon Square is the BRAIN of New Year’s Eve, featuring Frühstück, Miloopa, Capitol Musical Theatre and L.U.C with Rebel Babel Ensemble. The stage near the Salt Square will be the HEART of New Year’s Eve, presenting concerts of Blade Loki, Mikromusic, Alicja Janosz and her guests, Mesajah and Girls on Fire. Large projection screens will be installed as backgrounds for each stage, and the townhouses’ walls will be used for displaying visualisations and music videos live. “The names – BRAIN and HEART – are not accidental. The genres of music and the selection of artists performing on the stages corresponds to the age-old rivalry between the rational mind and emotions in art”, the director explained and added: “At midnight, the HEART and BRAIN will connect, but what happens at that special moment is our secret... for now.” The programme will be concluded by the Great Gong Concert, the largest concert of dozens of enormous Tibetan gongs in Poland. 

Wirtualna Polska (website) will broadcast the events
The New Year’s Eve celebrations in Wrocław will be broadcast by Wirtualna Polska. "Our broadcast will alternate between the two concert stages and our reporters at the mobile studio. The event will be presented live in WP television at Wirtualna Polska home page, as well as the WP channel available in digital terrestrial TV (MUX8) and on selected cable networks”, said Wojciech Pawlak, CEO of WP TV during press conference. The broadcast will start at 7:00 p.m. and will run until 1:00 a.m. on New Year.


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