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17 December
Centennial Hall

The closing ceremony of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, in which 18 000 people will be able to participate. The performance will feature artists from Germany, France, Israel, Czechia, Sweden and Great Britain.

“The Sky” will be the only event of the Flow Quartet taking place in an enclosed space - in the prestigious Centennial Hall. The final instalment of the Quartet will see all stories and themes from the previous subsequent parts of the Flow Quartet collected together and presented to the audience of 6000 viewers. The Flow Orchestra from Germany, Israel, Czechia and Poland will meet once again to tell the ending of the story. It will also be the last meeting of the Spirits of Wrocław; however, this time the focus will fall onto a young woman, climbing an object created by the Spirits. Who is she and what does she represent?
What does her presence tell us about the nature of this city and Europe, as Wrocław ends its term as the European Capital of Culture?

“The Sky” is the last part of the Flow Quartet. As it is the case with all quartets, it is a piece for four instruments or voices combining together in a harmonious equilibrium.



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