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Organ improvisations in the Cathedral Island

The Wrocław 2016 Office would like to invite everyone to the 24th NON SOLA SCRIPTA International Organ Festival – one of the oldest and most renowned reviews of organ music in Poland and Europe. NON SOLA SCRIPTA is a musical journey through ages in one of the most beautiful places in Wrocław. The series of concerts will start on July 2nd in the historic Church of the Holy Cross in the Cathedral Island, which will be the home for organ music every Sunday throughout the rest of the summer.

The NON SOLA SCRIPTA International Organ Festival comprises a series of concerts, connected and tied together by a special programme. As the Latin name indicates, the evenings with organ music will not be simply dedicated to the music written in the score. In fact, the festival gives an equal part to organ improvisation in various kinds and forms. NON SOLA SCRIPTA combines classical organ music with improvisation (including by virtuosos of other instruments), masterfully bringing together the masterpieces of early music with contemporary propositions. This is the only event in Poland devoted to organ music, which is an experiment resulting from the meeting of outstanding musicians – the unexpected variations on organ compositions are a result of the energy which is created among the exceptional and unusual concert bands, bringing together the best organists from all over the world, as well as masters of other instruments and outstanding singers.


For over 20 years, NON SOLA SCRIPTA has been adding new chapters to the rich organ music tradition in Wrocław, dating back to the Baroque. The concerts take place in the beautiful interiors of the Church of the Holy Cross in the Cathedral Island, which is normally closed to the visitors on Sunday evenings in the summer. Throughout the summer, the Cathedral Island will sound with the organ music performed by the most outstanding virtuosos and organ improvisers, organists of the greatest cathedrals in Poland and around the world. This year, some of the best organists, such as Roman Parucki (Gdańsk), Małgorzata Klorek (Warsaw), Winfried Boenig (Koln, Germany), Jan van Mol (Antwerp, Belgium), Giulio Mercati (Milan, Italy) and others accepted the invitation.


Starting on June 13th, the tickets (20/15 PLN) will be available at the Impart ticket office, at and in Empik, Media Markt and Saturn stores. You will also be able to purchase tickets an hour before each concert in the Church of the Holy Cross.


You may learn more about the 24th NON SOLA SCRIPTA International Organ Festival by visiting: and


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Ostrów Tumski fot.MJędrzejczak Non_Sola_Scripta_Kosciol_sw_Krzyza_fot_Marcin_Jedrzejczak_4 Non_Sola_Scripta_Kosciol_sw_Krzyza_fot_Marcin_Jedrzejczak_1 Non_Sola_Scripta_Kosciol_sw_Krzyza_fot_Marcin_Jedrzejczak_2 Non_Sola_Scripta_Kosciol_sw_Krzyza_fot_Marcin_Jedrzejczak_3


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