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A real-time sound trip through Wrocław, for a poetic discovery of the city’s soundscape.

28 June – 26 October 2016
The Witold Lutosławski National Forum of Music
pl. Wolności 1,
50-071 Wrocław
+48 71 342 20 01

Palimpsest is an immersive sounding trip in the city. The main principle consists in an alternative perception of soundscape in real-time. With a GPS and headphone system, the visitor has the possibility to walk through  the city center and to «discover» a different sounding reality linked with the places he is moving around.

The main concept of the project is based on the idea of a "sound palimpsest" : with this system, the visitor can hear some sounds which are part of the history of the city but which are not there anymore, or some metaphorical sounds that the artists were specifically creating. This project will propose a very specific and astonishing experience of walking towards Wroclaw. With a simple iPad including a special application (GPS and 3 dimensional sound), the visitors will be able to discover Wroclaw in a complete new "sounding" reality. The visitor will have a special map of the city center, showing the different sound spots they will be able to reach, creating their own and very special visit. The central point of this installation will be installed in National Forum of Music entrance.

Upon an idea by Pierre Jodlowski based on the “walk with me” project by Jeroen Strijbos & Rob van Rijswijk.

New sounding contents by: Jeroen Strijbos, Rob van Rijswijk and François Donato.

Opening hours:
Tue–Fri 12:00 AM–5:00 PM
Saturday 3:00 PM–7:00 PM

The audio devices required by Palimpsest are available at the NFM box office.


Dutch contemporary music composers Rob van Rijswijk (1971) and Jeroen Strijbos (1970) both graduated with honours from the Utrecht School of the Arts, specialisation Electronic & Computer Composition and Composition in Context.

The hallmark of Strijbos & Van Rijswijk’s collective body of work is a combination of electro acoustic compositions and spatial elements, design, and innovative music technology. The composers seek out the zones where different disciplines meet and intersect.

They have earned an international award-winning reputation with their site-specific performances, installations and innovative technology which transforms the listener into an active participant. They developed the Walk With Me platform to support their vision which breaks down the relationship between artist and listener.

Honours & Prizes
1rst Prize The Prins Bernhard Cultural Foundation Netherlands 2012
Honorary mention PRIX Ton Bruynèl 2010

Nomination "Bourges International Competitions 2009, Electroacoustic Music and Electronic Arts"

Concerts & Exhibitions
Strijbos & Van Rijswijk perform concerts and design sonic sculptural installations exhibited worldwide at major Art festivals in Shanghai, London, Glasgow, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Bern, Istanbul, Paris and Montreal.

“Composition, Time and Space” 2013
Walk With Me
by Dutch artists/composers Jeroen Strijbos & Rob van Rijswijk

Imagine you are walking through a city or rural environment. As you move around, the sounds in the earpieces of your iPhone change from one spot to the next, subject to distance. A shifting musical landscape mingles and harmonizes with the sounds that are actually present, at moments accompanied by a spoken voice guiding you through different parts of the city. And you – as a member of the local community - are the co-creator.

Creative collaboration to exchange and learn
Walk With Me is part of the art of collaborative practice. It's a new artistic platform within the landscape of innovative, cooperation-enhancing technologies. It established a new infrastructure to initiate and develop new creative and collaborative processes between people on different levels of society - like composers, writers, directors, policy makers, historicans, architects and the cultural tourism industry. All can participate in projects to create content for the Walk With Me app situated in all kinds of public spaces.

Dutch artists / composers Strijbos & Van Rijswijk (S&VR) created this innovative and social new media tool to optimize the communication of their work with other developers, artists, the community and their surrounding environment / public spaces.

Strijbos & Van Rijswijk search for partners to create new site specific works, and therefor like to share the Walk With Me technology through workshops, publications like American Leonardo Music Journal, presentations, collaborations, community networking and performances. They are looking to meet other artists and creative organizations with collaborative leanings, and discuss their own creative work, to see where connections can

be made, to start up a dialogue.

Walk With Me app
The aim of S&VR is to change and feed the perception and 'feel' of public spaces through specially written site specific compositions. This is the concept behind Walk With Me, a sound-processing app for iPhones with earpieces. These customized compositions - so called 'walkscapes' – written for this app, fuse fiction with reality. Natural, musical, and vocal sounds are superimposed on the surroundings, and are processed in realtime. Past and present, sound and space become intertwined and an overarching narrative infuses the everyday. This challenges users' perception of their world.

The Walk With Me app deploys GPS for musical purposes, it puts a realtime processing tool in the hands of the audience, via their iPhone. When moving between specified spots in a delimited area, spoken words, music and sonic effects are triggered.

The app is very user-friendly; as the public weaves through the area they create their own soundtrack of the city. No technical handling needed! By means of this interactive technology used in the app, the public is free to determine the ‘final’ version of the walkscape, just by choosing their own tempo and pathway to walk.

Walkscapes: ‘topographical compositions’
Walkscapes open up an entirely new layer within the city, using nothing but sound, music and spoken word. It brings us closer to the 'ultimate' goal of aural awareness and manages to capture some of the local histories, cultural connections and creative resources. The app complements the rural environment or urban landscape of a city as it allows users to respond to – or enter into conversation with – it's cultural geography.

Walkscapes offers a new experience for the community and send them on a highly individual journey of discovery. Navigating different possible districts, guided by the app, makes for exciting interplay between participants and the city. Points of interest can be equipped with a geotagged marker and thereby linked to all kinds of enhanced aural experiences, either on an artistic or more informational level (or in between!). Active listening, both as a metaphor and in practice, explores and deepens the relationship between art and urban environments. It encourages engagement, while providing a focus on the 'archaeology of place'.

Download the app in the apple store
Strijbos & Van Rijswijk have written walkscapes for: New York, Los Angeles, Glasgow, Montreal, Istanbul, Belgrade, Paris, Berlin, Utrecht, Terschelling (Festival Oerol).


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