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Passage : from 7 May to 10  June AND from 22 June to 26 October

OPENING : 7 May 2016The PASSAGE is a sounding and lightening corridor dedicated to memories of historical music and sounds from Wroclaw. This city has a very rich cultural past, having belong to several countries through years and which has been always consider as a very important crossroad for cultural exchanges.

The installation will be based on a collection of sounds which will refer to the past of the city area and that the public will be able to hear and interact with by crossing the tunnel. The process of compiling those sounds will involve an intense work with historians and people who could talk about past events which happened in Wroclaw as well as with some ancient music specialist who will be able to provide original manuscripts to be recorded by specific ensembles. This matrix of sounds will become accessible for the public towards an interactive experience. The tunnel will be installed in National Forum of Music and the public will be able to hear those very precious sounds and to interact with them. The tunnel itself is including some special sensors which are able to detect the movement of the person inside (direction, speed…). Those movements are controlling the way the sounds are performed on a very special sound system based on 8 channels. Each person will have thus a unique interactive experience to access to those sounds which are part of the history of the city.



Commissioned to Pierre Jodlowski by Siemens Arts Program

In partnership with IRCAM - Centre Georges Pompidou

Concept , sound, programming : Pierre Jodlowski

Scenography : Christophe Bergon

Sound design: Marin Bonazzi & Pierre Jodlowski

Technical coordination : François Donato

New version commissioned by NFM Wroclaw

With the support of Pracownia Audiosfery (Institute of Culture Studies, University of Wroclaw)

Special thanks to : Sławomir Wieczorek and Renata Tanczuk, Krzysztof and Katarzyna Popiel, Tomasz Dobrzański, Maria Lubczyńska, Agata Michalak and NFM team.


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