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This book presents the programme of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, a programme continually undergoing metamorphosis. It began in 2008, with first preparations for the award title and was presented in two books bidding for the title: Spaces for Beauty and Spaces for Beauty Revisited. This third presentation of the programme, Spaces for Beauty: Designed, is a summary of our work, and includes concepts of curators and the entire team and a preview of specific events of the title year.

Each of these books complements and counterpoints the previous one, and announces the next. And soon, in autumn 2015, we will invite you to read the next publication, Spaces for Beauty: In Action, the full calendar of events for the cultural celebrations in 2016.

We hope all our publications will help you toward a deeper experience of this unique time, The European Capital of Culture 2016 team

Spaces for Beauty: Designed
Spaces for Beauty: In Action


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