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SILESIUS International Poetry Festival in Wrocław

Between 8th May and 15th May 2016, within the literary programme of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 festival and the UNESCO’s World Book Capital event, Wrocław is going to host  the SILESIUS International Poetry Festival. This festival is unique venture amongst other such events in Poland, as it brings together in space and time a wide compilation of contemporary Polish poetry, and a pioneering one—the first such organised by five separate entities, the largest poetry festivals in Poland: Miłosz Festival in Krakow, City of Poetry in Lublin International Festival of Literature, European Poet of Freedom in Gdansk, and Poznan of Poets.

The festival was named after final gala of Wroclaw SILESIUS Poetry Award crowning the event. This is a joint-venture of five Polish cities: Gdańsk, Kraków, Lublin, Poznań, and Wrocław, whose combined forces will allow them to present, in May, possibly the most comprehensive collection of Polish poetry and the most important of the European poetic phenomenon. We would like to propose the audience to enter a conversation—unusual in its form—about poetry and present the most characteristic traits of said events and formulas of promoting poetry in each of the cities.

The Programme Board of the festival constitutes of the directors and the organisers of the most important poetry events in Poland: Jarosław Broda (Departament of Culture of Municipal Office, Wrocław), Olga Brzezińska (The City of Literature Foundation, Kraków), Urszula Chwalba (Krakow Festival Office; Krakow, the UNESCO's City of Literature), Tadeusz Dąbrowski (European Poet of Freedom, Gdańsk), Irek Grin (European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, UNESCO's World Book Capital), Robert Piaskowski (Krakow Festival Office; Krakow, the UNESCO's City of Literature), Prof. Paweł Próchniak (City of Poetry, Lublin), Joanna Przygońska (Zamek Culture Centre, Poznań), Aleksandra Szymańska (The City Culture Institute, Gdańsk), Prof. Piotr Śliwiński (Poznan of Poets).

The Programme Board unanimously elected Marcin Baran, a poet and the winner of the Wroclaw SILESIUS Poetry Award, as well as the programme director of Bruno Schulz Festival, to the artistic director of the festival.

The programme of the festival includes: several dozens of ‘Meet the Author’ sessions with Polish as well as foreign poets; panels discussions led by university experts in the field of lyric poetry; music concerts; lessons designed for the grammar school pupils, encouraging them to commune with poems and guiding how to do it; a series of seminars on literary criticism for the university students; translation workshops for young translators eager to interpret poetry; brief training courses for the persons leading the sessions of book discussion clubs, as well as the participants of such meetings; and last but not least, the Wroclaw SILESIUS Poetry Award ceremony. Apart from that, the festival radio station broadcasting on the Internet (Domowe Radio Studnia Jacka Podsiadły/Jacek Podsiadło Home Radio Station 'The Well'), will be giving detailed reports on all the events of the festival, the night poetic 'Hyde Park' event, the unconventional football match 'Poets vs. Critics', the location-based game, the Scrabble Word Masters Open Championship, and many, many other.


The Organiser: The Office of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016


Zamek Culture Centre in Poznan—Poznan of Poets

The City of Literature Foundation, Krakow Festival Office—Miłosz Festival

The City Culture Institute in Gdansk—European Poet of Freedom

“Grodzka Gate - NN Theatre” Centre”—City of Poetry Festival

The department of Culture of Municipal Office in Wrocław


The detailed programme of the festival will be available at:

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