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Stone Headdress | Forum Musicum 2016

In the early 13th century, the Tatar invasion ruined the Kingdom of Poland. The Silesian prince, Henryk Pobożny, fell in the disastrous Battle of Legnica.  Just a few years later, the Turkish invasion, which took Jerusalem from Christian hands, ended in a bloody massacre on the streets of the Holy City. The existence of the Kingdom of Jerusalem was jeopardised. Upon receiving the news of the defeat, the King of France, Saint Louis IX, decided to go on a crusade. The hastily organised rescue expedition was also thwarted. His army perished, and he was captured. In spite of that, his outstanding and honourable attitude and his authority, even amongst Muslims, allowed the Kingdom of Jerusalem to survive.

21 August 2016 (Sunday), 9:00 p.m.

Main Square, Wroclaw


Stone Headdress - accompanying event


Jacek Kowalski – idea, lyrics, vocals
Tomasz Dobrzański – musical arrangement
St Louis’ Club
Irena Lipczyńska, Michał Frydrych, Jerzy Zelnik, Stanisław Kowalski – actors

Ars Cantus
Monika Wieczorkowska – soprano
Radosław Pachołek – alto
Maciej Gocman – tenor
Piotr Karpeta – bass
Tomasz Dobrzański – citola, recorder, shawm
Arkadiusz Wróblewski – recorder, shawm
Agnieszka Obst, Joanna Walczak – fiddle
Julia Karpeta – viola da gamba
Henryk Kasperczak - lute
Ewa Prawucka – positive organ, regal
Jacek Muzioł – percussion instruments


Stone Headdress

A rhapsody about the Wrocław cathedral and the crusades

Duration: [60']

No intermission.


Photo by: J. Jarzewicz

Both the Battle of Legnica, as well as the crusade of King Louis IX had significant impact on art. The destruction caused by the Tatars in Poland resulted in a construction boom. The demand for experts who would be able to erect new castles and churches, even more impressive and beautiful than before, grew. At the same time in France, an opposite effect could be observed. The crusade of King Louis required enormous funding, taken from the French clergy, which resulted in rather significant cuts in the budget of the Church of France and the construction of many churches stopped. In the greatest time for the development of the Cathedral Gothic architecture, the renowned French artists, now unemployed, emigrated and found profitable positions in Germany and - among others - Poland. It can be seen thanks to the stone sculptures of the Wrocław cathedral.
The Stone Headdress rhapsody will be presented on the Main Square in Wrocław, in late evening hours of 21 August 2016. It tells the story of all those figures and events. The world of Gothic sculpture in Wrocław will be brought to life in verse, based on the stories from the Middle Ages, written by Jacek Kowalski and performed by actors: Irena Lipczyńska, Michał Frydrych, Jerzy Zelnik and Stanisław Kowalski. We will hear the music by Jacek Kowalski, as well as his translations and paraphrases of the 13th century trouvères and minnesingers, including Prince Henryk Probus of Wrocław. The music will be performed by Ars Cantus, directed by Tomasz Dobrzański.

Tickets: 10 PLN

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