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Street Stage

Street Theatre Festival

11–14/08/2016 {Thursday-Sunday}
Main Square
Admission free

A festival of street theatre in its best, socially involved aspect. The presentation of the most interesting plays about the most painful turns in the contemporary history of Europe.


Thursday  11 August

Teatr Novogo Fronta Zero

9:00 p.m., Main Square, Pigeon Square


Travel Agency Theatre Silence

10:00 p.m., Salt Square


Friday 12 August

Travel Agency Theatre Silence

9:00 p.m., Salt Square


Theatre of the Eighth Day Summit 2.0

10:00 p.m., in front of the St Elizabeth Church, Św. Mikołaja Street


Saturday 13 August

Academy of Movement Theatre Armia / Army

9:00 p.m., in front of the St Elizabeth Church, Św. Mikołaja Street


Travel Agency Theatre Carmen Funebre

10:00 p.m., Salt Square


Sunday 14 August

Travel Agency Theatre Carmen Funebre

9:00 p.m., Salt Square


Theatre of the Eighth Day Arka / The Ark

10:00 p.m., Main Square, Pigeon Square





A play by Teatr Novogo Fronta


11/08/2016 {Thursday} 9:00 p.m.
Main Square, Pigeon Square

An (un)official clown story of human errors.

At the beginning there is nothing, completely nothing, and then something appears. With more or less effort, put in by us or someone else. It grows and grows... But will it ever stop growing? In fact, it is a sad story, but the clown laughs.

We are nothing more but a moving meccano of the sins of mankind.


At the core of the play is a spectacular stage design inspired by the Tower of Babel, and the entire show is based on the theory of numbers behind human fates. The open-air play by Irina Andreeva is a comical vision of human weaknesses observed through decades.


Directed by: Irina Andreeva

Starring: Irina Andreeva, Jana Páňková, Lukáš Šimon, Matěj Kohout

Music: Roman Dubinnikov, Petr Wajsar

Projection: Ondřej Ševčík

Production: ART Prometheus

Première: 4 July 2015

Duration: 60 minutes

Teatr Novogo Fronta was established in 1991 in Petersburg. In the initial period the theatre’s creation was based on experiments in the sphere of relations between the body - the only material available to the actor - and the space of the spectacle. The first play by Teatr Novogo Fronta, Vremja Durak (Time, the Fool, 1994), which raised the issue of fear of what the future of Russia will bring, was presented during their first European tournée. After the tour ended, the group moved to Prague. Since its inception, Teatr Novogo Fronta has presented dozens of plays all over the world - from street theatre and improvised performances, to directed plays presented on a traditional stage.

The plays are made up of images, balancing at the borderline of mysticism and abstraction, circus art and contemporary dance, and they are fuelled by action, improvisation and tension, increased by the hilarity of human tragedy.

Currently, the group is on a tour with their open-air play Causa Fatalis and a street spectacle for kids, titled Jungle Joke. The group collaborates with artists from Israel, Germany and India.



A play by Travel Agency Theatre


11/08/2016 {Thursday} 10:00 p.m.

12/08/2016 {Friday} 9:00 p.m.
Salt Square


I’ll go to another country, go to another shore,

find another city better than this one.

Whatever I try to do is fated to turn out wrong

and my heart lies buried as though it were something dead.

Constantine Cavafy


By using the means and measures available to an open-air theatre - symbolic stage design, fire, stilts, the characters of children and moving music, the Travel Agency Theatre tells a story of people, who found themselves in the middle of a war, and whose only dreams are to run away.

In the context of dreadful massacres and ethnic cleansing taking place in the Middle East, resulting in a mass exodus of the people to safer places, the group presents the fates of the refugees. [...] They look at the situation from the standpoint of a resident of a besieged city, where bombs already fell - a man, who never in his life would have thought that he is going to become a refugee. The protagonists of the play are the children - innocent witnesses of the deaths of their loved ones, victims of the homelessness and hunger. For the children, and for their future well-being, let us try - at least for a moment - to look at the world through the eyes of a refugee.

Directed by: Paweł Szkotak

Starring: Bartosz Borowski, Grzegorz Ciemnoczołowski, Magda Dębicka, Aizah Khan, Łukasz Kowalski, Jarosław Siejkowski, Marta Strzałko, Tomasz Wrzalik, Maciej Zakrzewski

Stage design: the group and Magda Deput

Music: Wiki Nowikow

Script: the group

Technical cooperation: Łukasz Jata

Première: 30 June 2016 (London)

The play was commissioned by the Greenwich +Docklands International Festival/London and Hull UK City of Culture 2017/Freedom Festival, in cooperation with the GDIF.


Travel Agency Theatre was established in 1988 in Poznań. It was founded by Paweł Szkotak, who also works as a director. Over the course of 28 years of their artistic endeavours, the group developed their own working methods on their plays, as well as a distinctive style. The plays, created by the group were presented in over 50 countries in the world, including during the largest international theatre festivals.

Travel Agency Theatre specialises in open-air spectacles. To date, over a dozen such plays were created, including Carmen Funebre (1994), inspired by the events of the war in Yugoslavia, Pigs (2003), MacBeth: Who is that Bloodied Man? (2005), an interpretation of the drama by William Shakespeare, HofD (2007) based on The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, and The Lem Planet (2010), inspired by the prose of Stanisław Lem.

The goal of the group’s artistic activities is to reach the audiences, for whom contact with theatre is limited or does not exist at all. It is done through the presentation of open-air plays with a universal, yet politically and socially involved message, in regional languages, in collaboration with the local institutions - both official, as well as opposition and independent groups. Travel Agency Theatre also initiated multiple artistic and social projects. In 2008, the group collaborated with Palestinian refugees in the Bourj el Barajneh camp in Beirut. In 2009 they presented Carmen Funebre on the West Bank (in Bethlehem, Ramallah and in Jenin), in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2012 (Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Halabja), and in 2014 in Dyiarbakir area in Turkey (Turkish Kurdistan).

The group won many prestigious awards, including the award of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2002 for their outstanding achievements in the promotion of Poland internationally, as well as the award of the Ministry of Culture for their outstanding achievements in theatre. In 2005 Paweł Szkotak was distinguished by the Polityka Passport Award, three years later he received the Gloria Artis Medals from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, along with Marta Strzałko and Jarosław Siejkowski.


Summit 2.0

A play by the Theatre of the Eighth Day


12/08/2016 {Friday} 10:00 p.m.

In front of the St Elizabeth Church, Św. Mikołaja Street


The play is an attempt to show the rulers of the world, celebrities who bring down a rain of golden beads, they shine and have fun at the expense of normal people, making decisions about their fates, while being alienated from the reality. They sceptically allow the visitor from behind the Iron Curtain, arriving in a primitive vehicle, to join them during a great feast, where the main course is a human being, cut into pieces. [...] Then the characters take up children guns and a war breaks out, just like in computer games or among children. Eventually, the colourful world turns into a steel and monochrome war formation. The scene suddenly jumps from a joke, mockery and feast to open aggression.

The world of the rulers is juxtaposed with the world of the new generation - young people, who choose to live a different life, in a different style. Those two realities confront in the play. The scenes in the play refer to the famous films by Luis Buñuel - The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie and The Phantom of Liberty.


Summit 2.0 is a monumental open-air play, taking place in open spaces, using moving objects and spectacular video projections, transforming and enhancing the action taking place on the stage.


Starring: Adam Borowski, Jacek Chmaj, Halina Chmielarz, Grzegorz Ciemnoczołowski, Krzysztof Fabjański, Marcin Głowiński, Tadeusz Janiszewski, Marcin Kęszycki, Andrzej Majos, Przemysław Mosiężny, Piotr Najrzał, Jakub Staśkowiak, Janusz Stolarski, Maciej Włodarczyk, Ewa Wójciak, Dominik Złotkowski

Duration: approx. 60 minutes


The Theatre of the Eighth Day was founded in 1964 by the students of the Polish Studies Faculty in Poznań. In the 1970s it became one of the most important alternative theatre groups in Poland, and then in the world. The group created political plays, and the creators were involved in active political opposition during the communist rule in Poland, as a result they were forced to emigrate in the 1980s.

The group developed their own method of working on a play, based on actors’ improvisation. Apart from the indoor shows, the group also creates impressive open-air shows, addressed at large audiences, consistently inspired by social and political issues. The creators of the Theatre of the Eighth Day constantly seek new forms and ways to tell the stories about the contemporary world - over the course of the recent years they turned to the form of documentary theatre. They present their plays worldwide.

Apart from showing their plays, the group also conducts educational and cultural activities in their headquarters at Ratajczaka 44 in Poznań, such as organisation of meetings and workshops, inviting alternative theatre groups and making their stages available to young creators, who do not have their own space for presenting their work.


Armia / Army

A play by the Academy of Movement Theatre


13/08/2016 {Saturday} 9:00 p.m.

In front of the St Elizabeth Church, Św. Mikołaja Street


Armia/Army is a dynamic artistic act, which doubles as an attempt to interpret the ever-changing fate of Europe through constantly updated play. Our knowledge of the world very often resembles a statistical jigsaw puzzle, constantly involving our attention and memory to a degree dependent on our cultural experience and standards of everyday life. Armia/Army tells us the story of order and the disruption of said order, about the direction and losing it. It also shows us the potential of the map of human fates - its local and symbolic dramaturgy.

In the first phase of the play, the actors establish the space of action, while symbolically stripping them from the accumulated layers of everyday life. They clean and “sterilise” a selected fragment of a square or a pavement, thus preparing it to become a sacrificial altar or a blank slate, which will soon fill up with the signs of a universal message.

[...] Both the demonic music, filled with dramatic communication from the field of battle over human fates, as well as passionate behaviour of the actors present the world as a place of a dramatic struggle over the well-being of humanity.


Starring: Janusz Bałdyga, Jolanta Krukowska, Cezary Marczak, Zbigniew Olkiewicz, Jan Pieniążek, Jarosław Zwirblis, Krzysztof Zwirblis

Duration: 35 minutes


The Academy of Movement Theatre (Teatr Akademia Ruchu, AR) was created by Warsaw students in 1973 (date of the first premiere). It was founded by Wojciech Krukowski, who then worked as the group’s artistic director for 40 years. The Academy of Movement, known primarily as a theatre of movement and visual narrative, was an interdisciplinary creative group, working at a borderline of theatre, plastic arts and film. The artistic language of the Academy combined the characteristics of visual theatre, performance art and plastic act. Common traits in the Academy’s activities include movement, space and social message. In their long history, the theatre carried out over 600 street activities and multiple plays. The group presented their work on many important festivals in Europe, North America, South America and Japan.


Carmen Funebre

A play by Travel Agency Theatre


13/08/2016 {Saturday} 10:00 p.m.

14/08/2016 {Sunday} 9:00 p.m.

Salt Square


Carmen Funebre was created in 1994. The play was inspired by the intensifying ethnic conflicts and outbreaks of nationalism, as well as the war in Bosnia. During the work on the play, the members of the group met refugees from the former Yugoslavia. Their relations allowed them to create universal metaphors, showing the fate of the refugees.

In Carmen Funebre, Travel Agency Theatre uses spectacular means to capture attention of both experienced viewer, as well as a random passer-by. Stilts, fire, light effects and moving music instil fear and compassion. Even though the play uses just a few words, the sequence of suggestive images leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.


Directed by: Paweł Szkotak

Starring: Bartosz Borowski, Łukasz Kowalski, Justyna Paluszyńska, Jarosław Siejkowski, Marta Strzałko, Piotr Wojtyniak, Tomasz Wrzalik, Maciej Zakrzewski

Stage design, music, script: the group

Technical cooperation: Łukasz Jata
Première: 1994

Duration: 45 minutes

The play is intended for viewers aged 12 and older.



Arka / The Ark

A play by the Theatre of the Eighth Day


14/08/2016 {Sunday} 10:00 p.m.

Main Square, Pigeon Square


Arka / The Ark constantly reminds us that we are living in the era of refugees, wanderers and nomads, who traverse the continents and warm their souls up with the memories of home - spiritual or ethical, heavenly or geographic, real or imaginary. In the play, it is symbolised by a great, winged ship - a multi-level, moving stage, another embodiment of Noah’s Ark, which when we close our eyes may turn into Aeneas’ boat, the Mayflower or a makeshift Cuban raft, made of rubber pontoons, drifting towards Florida. For the protagonists in the play it is both a home, bringing their memories back, a temple, where everyone prays to their gods, and a place of celebration, dance and happiness. The boat, brought to life by the presence of the actors, shining with its metal sails, changing its shape in the glistening lights moves through the audience to finally open its purple wings and save the image of the tireless wanderers, going to the promise land.


Starring: Adam Borowski, Jacek Chmaj, Halina Chmielarz, Grzegorz Ciemnoczołowski,

Krzysztof Fabjański, Marcin Głowiński, Tadeusz Janiszewski, Marcin Kęszycki, Andrzej Majos, Piotr Najrzał, Jacek Nowaczyk, Przemysław Mosiężny, Jakub Staśkowiak, Janusz Stolarski, Ewa Wójciak, Dominik Złotkowski
Stage design, lighting: Jacek Chmaj

Music: Arnold Dąbrowski

Costumes: the group, in collaboration with Izabela Rudzka

Collaboration: Tomasz Jefimowicz
Organiser: Jerzy Grotowski Institute


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