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The 13th International Crime and Mystery Festival in Wrocław

The 13th edition of the International Crime and Mystery Festival is going to start soon, and it is not going to be an unlucky one! The programme of the Festival will comprise almost 40 events for readers of all ages, starting from the loud reading of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, performed by Olga Bołądź, Wojciech Pszoniak and Robert Więckiewicz. What’s next?


Literary meetings with world-famous authors of crime novels: Tess Gerritsen, Pierre Lemaitre and Peter Robinson as well as Charlotte Link, Chris Carter and Jens Lapidus. The first three of them will leave Wrocław with the Honorary Big Caliber Award, presented for lifetime achievement. Of course, the festival will also feature meetings with Polish authors: Marcin Wroński will fight against Ryszard Ćwirlej in a gentlemen duel, Katarzyna Puzyńska and Remigiusz Mróz will reveal how it feels to be young, beautiful and rich, and Marta Guzowska will present her new novel.

The traditional clash between the Jury, the audience and the Big Caliber Award nominees will also take place as usual. The title of the best Polish crime novel released in 2015 will be revealed on 4 June. It is also necessary to mention the musical side of the Festival, as the programme comprises two concerts, strongly related to crime and mystery: The Chupacabras will sing the stories straight from Krakow’s pitavals and urban legends, and the Tajny band will remind us the tales from the pre-war tabloid titled Tajny Detektyw [A Secret Detective]. We are also going to devote some time for academic matters. The participants of an academic session, organised by the Institute of Polish Studies of the University of Wrocław will discuss the Shakespearean tropes in crime novels, and a team of prosecutors, policemen and forensic physician will present a live forensic reconstruction of a crime - thankfully without any victims. Those who are interested in the work of specialists will also have an opportunity to listen to the stories of Bogdan Lach, a profiler.

We have also prepared something for those who prefer acting instead of just sitting and listening - two urban games for everyone. There is also something for the youngest readers - meetings with Martin Widmark and Brandon Mull, organised as a part of the Children’s Literature Festival. In short - a lot of things will happen! Find out more in the programme:

Admission to all events is free; however, some of them may require free passes. Registration is required for all detective events for children: The International Crime and Mystery Festival Wroclaw 2016 will take place from 30 May to 5 June 2016 and is part of a literary programme of the European Capital of Culture and UNESCO World Book Capital Wrocław 2016. Find out more on the festival’s website and on Facebook: Join our event:




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