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The Academy of the European Capital of Culture

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Organisations of the culture sector are increasingly professionalising their undertakings, adapting to the ever-changing social and economic conditions, opting for innovation and unconventional projects, and actively entering into the social dialogue. Looked at from this perspective, Wroclaw can already serve as an example to other cities. As a result of the city having received the European Capital of Culture title, these processes will intensify even more. The Academy of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016 will boost the potential of Wroclaw’s culture sector. Its program has been planned in a way that encompasses the greatest possible number of fields relevant to the functioning and organisation of cultural life.



Particular initiatives from the program of the Academy are addressed to different target audiences: from the personnel responsible for management of cultural institutions (Module I: the Academy of the Leaders of Culture), to workers of this industry (Module II: Training for workers), to the young and ambitious: namely, volunteers (Module III: Training for volunteers). An important element of the Academy of the European Capital of Culture 2016 will be launching a year-long training program for workers of the culture sector in Wroclaw, which is to serve a long-term audience development (Module IV: Audience Development). As part of the program of the Academy, we want to improve the financial situation of entities operating in the culture sector by means of a grants consultancy.

Moduł I: Akademia Liderów Kultury, Moduł II: Szkolenia dla pracowników instytucji kultury oraz Moduł V: Doradztwo grantowe

Kontakt: Michał Grudziński

tel. 508 492 028


Moduł III: Szkolenia dla wolontariuszy

Kontakt: Aleksandra Jasiok

tel. 501 214 914


Moduł IV: Audience Development

Kontakt: Dominika Kawalerowicz

tel. 501 214 404

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