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The Dziady Recycling Festival

27 October – 4 November 2016

The Dziady Recycling Festival
(27 October - 4 November) refers to the sources of Polish theatre and covers the presentation of Forefathers’ Eve by Mickiewicz, as well as remixes of historical fulfilments (from Grotowski and Białoszewski, through Dejmek and Swiniarski, to Konwicki).

The rituals connected with the cult of our ancestors, presented live through the performance by Guicheney, which will recall many cultural contexts: from Belarusian Radaunica, to the Afroamerican vodou and candomblé cults. The presentations will be accompanied by debates, concerts, film screenings, exhibitions and publications. Prof. Leszek Kolankiewicz is the scientific director of the festival.



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