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The first edition of the Friendship Festival

Celebrating? Only with friends! – this is the motto of the first edition of Friendship Festival, which will take place on December 15.

The 15th anniversary of OCN’s (formerly Ocean) activity on stage is a perfect opportunity to bring a group of artists, connected by deep personal relationships despite working with distant musical genres, on one stage.
Festiwal Przyjaźni

The Friendship Festival, which will take place on December 15 at Orbita Hall in Wrocław, will feature bands that do not need any special recommendation. Apart from OCN, we are going to see Happysad, Raz Dwa Trzy and Muchy. Additionally, outstanding artists such as Lech Janerka, Monika Borzym, Olaf Deriglasoff and frontman of Jamal – Tomasz “Miodu” Mioduszewski already confirmed their active participation in the event. It is not the end of surprises and unique interactions planned for this evening.


Tickets are available at, and, starting at 65 PLN.

The Friendship Festival will be one of the closing events of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 celebrations.


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Festiwal Przyjaźni


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