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The Gateway to Everything

Nespoon's project is located in one of the many gates to the backyards in the part of Wrocław known as Huby. The artist had been observing the neighbourhood's dark, unwelcoming entrances and gates for some time before she came up with the magical idea of lighting one of the gates up using a — characteristic to her work — lace-like arrangement of lights. They have movement sensors — the closer you get, the stronger they shine. A complementary element of this project are also lacy murals that appear within the passage. As Nespoon herself describes, a feeling of a heavy emotional burden accompanied all of her visits to Huby. This was due to the largely oppressive, sometimes vulgar inscriptions on the walls, and the lack of common areas for the neighbours to meet, relax and talk in comfort. That's why she decided to — at least in part — change the

space she encountered at first. Nespoon's aim was to create a more welcoming and comfortable space in a surrounding that doesn't necessarily bring to mind such associations. The gateway is to be a place that — even if we are only passers-by — creates a feeling of security, happiness and peace. The intention of the artist was to create a kind of portal which transports the stroller to a different, better world in which most dreams can be realised. In the author's vision, ‘The Gateway to Everything’ is a kind of portal which transports you to a different, better world —

one that is magical, abstract, surprising. The entrance is supposed to surprise, to disrupt routine. It is to show the passersby how a seemingly small intervention can permanently change the bad image of a certain space and determine a positive reception of our immediate environment. Nespoon's work also meant drawing attention to a real problem of the majority of Poland's backyards. Inadequate lighting of public spaces has a negative effect on the ways which we use them, making them dangerous and inaccessible. At the same time a low standard of the backyard infrastructure, not necessarily light-related, determines a short investment liveliness. While each gateway is supposed to be ‘The Gateway to Everything’.

Place:  Gajowa street 44 / Gliniana street 46



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