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The Germans Did Not Come

18 November 2016 – 5 March 2017
Kunsthaus Dresden, Rähnitzgasse 8, D - 01097 Dresden

The title of the exhibition “The Germans Did Not Come” makes a perverse reference to a widely spread fear among Wroclaw’s inhabitants (which persisted many years past the war) that the return of the previous inhabitants, Germans, triggers a series of consequences.  It also refers to an ironic work titled “Disassembly” created by Jerzy Kosałka  from “The Germans Have Come” series.

In Wroclaw, due to its complex past, there has been an overflow of various misconstrued narrations and presumed concealments. The artists who have been invited to participate in the exhibition will explore traces of the past and bring the realistic truth back to life. After disclosing their revelations, the recipients will be able to objectively form their own bias and understanding and search for their newly faceted meaning. 
While watching the exhibition it is worth remembering that a majority of the participating artists belong to a generation that may not have personally experienced the resettlements and may not remember Wroclaw directly right after the war. Hence, their view of any war related issues and its consequences they devise only from old natured perspective. They don’t per say draw on their own experience but rather draw on experiences from information relayed from their ancestors, such as grandfathers, or simply the stories they may have overheard, which in both cases have been inevitably altered with the passage of time.
Curator: Michał Bieniek
Organizer: Europejska Stolica Kultury Wrocław 2016, Fundacja Art Transparent, Kunsthaus Dresden
Entrance: Paid fee


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